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Federal Consolidation

Federal Consolidation

As a student in college, your only wish is to finish your education without having any problems, especially money problems. You can stay secure by applying for the loans provided by the federal government. If you have already borrowed loans from other lenders like those we can link you to and you are having difficulties paying, then you can consider federal consolidation. This means that all your loans will be consolidated into a single loan.

Consolidate your student loan

    • Consolidate your student loan

      Consolidate your student loan

      You should remember that your time in college is limited and therefore, you need to be prompt on repayment if you have a loan.

    • Start consolidating your loan as early as when you are in the middle of your grace period. Federal consolidation will ensure that you pay lower interests if you start repayment during this period. The catch is for you to start repayment as soon as possible.
    • You can acquire a loan consolidation from the government by contacting the Education Direct Consolidation Loan department. They will require you to provide personal information such as name, phone number, personal references and your social security number. You will then provide information on all the federal loans you wish to consolidate. If you do not know where to find information on your loans then you can check your statements or the national student loan database. In general, you need to know the name of your lender, address, loan amount and your account number.


Federal consolidation

  • Federal consolidation

    Federal consolidation

    You can extend the terms of your payment through the support granted by the federal government. Even with a debt, you can still have the privilege of benefiting from variable interest rates that are adjusted every year. If you choose consolidation, you will have the opportunity to pay back at lower interests with additional free offers.

  • With us, you can choose a lender who will offer you a suitable federal consolidation loan. We are working with several lenders and therefore, your search is broad. You will be getting the best rate for your loan consolidation goal. If you have variable interests for your loans and have completed your studies, then some lenders can give you a longer grace period. However, you should note that your interest rate will increase after your grace period. This is applicable if you have not have locked your loan within that period.
  • Just like any other loans, consolidation loans also have its fair share of challenges. Even though federal consolidation will offer you lower monthly payments by extending your repayment time, you will have to pay more at the end.

You can repay your federal consolidation loan from a lender using two methods. These include graduated and income repayment. For the latter, you have a low initial amount which regularly increases as set by your lender. For those who have graduated, your repayment is determined based on your income.

Federal consolidation has become popular as most students have different loans. This is because student loans are usually offered in small amounts such that you cannot use only one to pay for your education expenses. You will need to apply for more to meet your financial needs. When you have more and it is time to pay back, then consolidation could be your best payment method. Considering that you are fresh out from school and have no steady regular income, lenders in our network ensure that you consolidate and pay off your loans.

Simplify your student loan repayment

  • You can simplify your loan repayment and have a fixed interest rate by consolidating your loans. With consolidation, you will be only paying one regular plan. The loans you will find from lenders working with us are not based on credit. You only provide simple and basic information and wait for approval from your lender of choice.
Simplify your student loan repayment

Simplify your student loan repayment

  • Know the exact amount of debt you have. Remember to get it clear from the start and stay on track. When you stay on track, you will not be surprised when you receive reminders from your lenders. Most lenders always start sending reminders as soon as you finish school or when you are halfway to the end.  Strive to start a consolidation process as soon as you can.
  • We will link you to lenders who will be able to help you consolidate all types of federal student loans. They will not limit you but rather have the capacity to accommodate all your financial needs. Ensure that you know all types of loan you have, their balances and interests.

Create a good credit profile

  • Create a good credit profile

    Create a good credit profile

    Federal loans are just like any other loans and you should not default. Defaulting a loan could be very deteriorating to your financial status. When you are a student and are likely going to be applying for many other important loans in the future, it is important to keep a good profile. You can achieve this by repaying your loans on time. However, when it is not possible to do so, you can choose to consolidate your loans.

  • Defaulting is a clear indication that repayment has become a serious challenge for you. You may be having other bills to pay too and so finding effective alternatives such as consolidation will help. You will have a reduced monthly deduction at a fixed rate.
  • Consolidating your federal loans will ensure that you create a good credit profile. This is because you will be able to pay back on time. With a good credit score, you will be eligible for other loans in the future at lower rates. For instance, you will need to apply for a mortgage and with a lower interest; you are going to save more money. This is attributed to your good credit rating that came about due to your consolidation initiative. Consolidating your loan will definitely ensure that you have a good profile for future credit needs.


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