Emergency Loans for Bad Credit


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Emergency Loans for Bad Credit 

What is an emergency loan?

A personal loan for emergencies is a smart and efficient way to cover unexpected and unplanned costs. You can’t budget to cover everything. And no matter how hard you try to plan for the unexpected, there is no way to predict what might happen.

ConsolidationNow loans can provide you with the security and peace of mind you need when facing a financial crisis that could leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed. ConsolidationNow emergency loans are quick to approve, have low-interest rates, don’t charge origination or annual fees, and can be paid on a flexible schedule.

What are the best uses of an emergency loan?

  • A natural disaster event
  • A major car repair
  • Students pay a school fee
  • An unexpected visit to the doctor or hospital
  • Large appliance replacement

How does an emergency loan work?

An emergency loan is an unsecured personal loan that allows you to pay unexpected expenses right away. Once approved, the money will be transferred to your account within the next business day1.

Instead of using a credit line to pay for costs or juggling multiple credit card minimums with high-interest rates, you can just make simple fixed-rate payments based on your terms.

Personal loans are typically lower than credit cards, and there are no annual fees. This means that while you will still have to repay the money borrowed, it is possible to do so in a more economical way.

What makes an emergency loan a good idea?

A straightforward payment is all that’s required

It’s simple to manage, and it’s always the same

Fixed, low-interest rates

You can save the money you would have spent on high-interest credit cards

Rapid funds. No origination fees

You can see the money coming into your account within a matter of hours so that you can quickly pay for an emergency or settle debts.

What Can I Save With an Emergency Loan From ConsolidationNow?

What if your rent suddenly became too expensive? What if your car’s transmission suddenly stopped working? You need $3000 fast.

This is how much you can save by getting a quick emergency loan to cover unexpected expenses, rather than using credit cards with higher APRs than 22%.

Which is the best emergency loan lender?

ConsolidationNow is on a mission: to make online banking more accessible and more efficient.

We take our commitment to fast and easy funding very seriously. It’s also the reason we make it seamless and stress-free to apply online for emergency money.

We also have zero annual fees, zero origination fees, a low-interest rate, and excellent customer service.


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