Instant Approval Credit Cards | With Instant Use

Instant Approval Credit Cards Can Be Used Immediately

Credit cards do not need to be delivered before making your first purchase. Many major issuers provide instant access to credit cards, after approval of all credit and consumer credit cards, American Express gives instant access to credit card numbers. Some brands, like storecards and airline cards, offer instant credit access.

Top Credit Cards are Available as Soon as They Have Been Approved

  • American Express Blue Cash Preferred®, card
  • Bank of America® Premium Rewards® credit card
  • Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card
  • United℠ Explorer Card
  • Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa®
  • SoFi Credit Card
  • Other notable options
  • Major issuers and their policies regarding instant credit accessibility

American Express Blue Cash Preferred®, card

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American Express offers solid APR deals on the Blue Cash Preferred® card. The introductory APR is 0% for purchases for 12 months, followed by an ongoing APR between 13.99% and 23.99% Variable. You can receive up to $350 in statement credits as a welcome bonus. 

Spend $3,000 in the first six months of Card Membership to earn $200 back. Cashback is available through statement credits. These terms and conditions are applicable.

 There is an initial $0 charge, and then there is an additional $95. An initial $0 fee is charged, and then there’s an additional $95. Induction fees for the following year go up to $95. Terms and conditions apply (see fees).

How to Use It Now

Eligible cardholders will be able to get an instant number after approval online. This number can be used anywhere American Express accepts it. AmEx will quickly verify that you are real to determine whether you qualify for an instant number. AmEx Online applications will not allow you to receive instant card numbers. Telephone applications are not accepted.

Bank of America®, Credit Card with Premium Rewards®

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The Bank of America® Premium Rewards® Credit Card earns 1.5 Points for every $1 spent on Travel You can earn as much as $200 in travel rewards credit reward point points and an annual fee of up to $95. If you spend $3,000 in the first 90 days, you will get 50,000 bonus points. This bonus point is worth 500. Your rewards can vary depending on how much you have.

How to Use It Now

You will need at least one bank of America to account to be eligible for an instant number. After meeting these requirements, your card details are added to your digital wallet until the physical card is issued. If targeted promotions have not been clicked on, this feature will not be available. However, you can apply through the app.

Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card

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The Amazon Prime Reward Visa Signature Card offers a high 5% reward for purchases at Whole Foods Market and Amazon, as well as 2% at restaurants or gas stations. Each tip is worth one cent. Redeem eligible products to get cashback. The card comes with an annual fee of $0 You must be an Amazon Prime member to qualify.

How to Use It Now

Once your card has been approved, you can access it through Amazon to make purchases. You will have to wait for your card to arrive before you can use it on other purchases.

United℠ Explorer Card

Our pick for An airline card

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Register for a flight to receive a sign-up bonus. With the United℠ Explorer Card, you can do exactly this. Register now to receive a massive bonus. If you spend $3,000 within the first three months, you will receive 60,000 bonus miles. 

If you spend $6,000 in the first six months, you will receive 10,000 bonus miles. You can earn 10,000 bonus miles if you apply before you fly United.

United, restaurant reservations, and hotel reservations earn 2 Miles per $1. All other purchases earn 1 mile. To pay the Global Entry application fees and TSA Precheck fees, you will receive a credit. This credit is worth up to $100 and can be renewed every four years. The annual fee for the first year is $0 and then $95.

How to Use It Now

After your card approval, you can access your MileagePlus account at United Airlines to make purchases. The card can be used to make purchases at United. You will need to wait for the physical card before using your card to make other purchases.

Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa®


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Sutton Bank’s Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa®, a hybrid credit card/personal loan, offers unique rewards and cash-back. You can earn cash-back rewards for as low as $0 per annum. You can use it to get a Visa credit card anywhere Visa is accepted. You can also use it to obtain a personal loan. The interest rate is set once the funds have been transferred to your bank account.

How to Use It Now

After you have been approved, log on to your online account to get your temporary virtual card. Your temporary card number will not be your permanent number. You can use it until your physical card is issued.

SoFi credit card

Our pick for SoFi customers

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The SoFi Credit Card seems to be a primary cash-back credit card. It offers many different options. SoFi rewards can be used to save, invest, or repay eligible loans. You will receive a 2% return in this instance. You can also redeem statement credits at a lower rate. The APR drops by 1% if 12 payments are made on time.

How to Use It Now

Once approved, cardholders can instantly add their card to a digital wallet to start using it immediately without waiting for the physical card.

There are many other options

Many “cobranded” credit cards offer instant credit access. These cards can be storecards or cards that are offered in partnership with other types. These are just a handful.

  • The Apple Card issued to Goldman Sachs is approved and can be used immediately via Apple Pay.
  • Deserve’s digital-first card allows you to use your card instantly through Apple Pay.
  • Instantly add your HMBradley Card to your Apple Wallet or Samsung Pay using the HMBradley Card from Hatch Bank.
  • You can use the PayPal Cashback Mastercard® to make PayPal payments immediately.
  • Synchrony also offers Rakuten Cash Back Visa Credit Card. The card earns 3% cashback on qualified purchases made through Rakuten Hotels, Rakuten Travel, and Rakuten Travel offer in-store discounts. Rakuten partners earn cash or rewards when they shop at Rakuten. Once approved, you will be issued a card number that you can use immediately online or wherever you don’t need a credit card.
  • The upgrade allows you to instantly access the Triple Cash Rewards Visa® and the Upgrade Card, which give you instant access to a virtual product. Sutton Bank issues both cards.
  • The Venmo credit card issued by Synchrony is available immediately after approval. The card can be added to any digital wallet, except Apple Pay.

Policies of major issuers concerning instant credit access

According to ConsolidationNow, American Express is the most preferred issuer for instant credit access. AmEx consumer cards give instant access to a card number that you can use wherever you are as long as your identity has been verified.



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