Children of lawmakers are not eligible for student loans


They are responsible for repaying their student loans, while being a child of the House of Representatives, they can enjoy this benefit.

There have been rumors over the years about the benefits lawmakers receive during their tenure and after their term, including whether they have free health insurance for life. They don’t, and if you get a pension equal to your full salary after a year of work, that’s too wrong, according to the Parliamentary Institute.

VERIFY viewer Sandra R. has heard that the children of members of Congress do not need to repay their student loans and wants to know if their application is good or bad.


Are Children in the House of Representatives Exempt from Student Loan Repayment?

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No, parliamentary children are not exempt from repaying student loans.

What we found

2019, VERIFY team discovered In the viral “chain post” that circulated on social media, people called for a 28th Amendment that would make parliamentarians responsible for the same laws as all other Americans.

One claim in the channel’s message was that children and staff of parliamentarians were exempt from paying student loans.

VERIFY stated that this claim is a bogus federal student loan repayment program.

“The federal student loan repayment program allows government agencies to repay federally guaranteed student loans as an incentive to hire or retain current applicants or employees for government agencies,” US Human Resources said. The Bureau (OPM) says. “The program implements 5 USC 5379, which allows government agencies to set up their own student loan repayment programs to attract and retain talented employees. “

On its website, the OPM states that federal employees “except those in positions excluded from competitive public servants due to the nature of confidentiality, policy making, policy making or the defense of policies “. He declares that he is eligible for the federal student loan repayment program.

This means that parliamentarians will not be able to benefit from this program. In addition, the program applies only to employees of federal agencies and does not offer student loan permits to children of parliamentarians.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the Parliamentary Institute pointed out VERIFY to one of the many. Parliamentary Myth Their team went bankrupt on their website: “Members don’t have to pay student loans.

“Members are responsible for repaying student loans. The House and Senate have programs that help pay off loans for low-wage Congressional employees, but federal law says the House and Senate for participation. This program is similar to what you see as a benefit for employees in the private sector, ”explains the Parliamentary Institute. “Parliament, unlike other federal governments and most large employees, does not have a tuition reimbursement program, and the ethics law allows members to take university courses without paying the fee. full tuition fees. It is forbidden to do so. “

A spokesperson for the Parliamentary Institute said: “While there are additional benefits that may be offered to parliamentary employees with annual incomes of less than $ 100,000,” the employee’s student loan is constant throughout the period. period of employment in the office. Will be paid. “There are no provisions for children in the House of Representatives.

According to the US Department of Education, all federal student loan borrowers are required to repay the loan along with accrued interest and fees. However, the agency offers flexible repayment planning, loan consolidation, and forgiveness programs for those with federal student loans. ..

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Children of lawmakers are not eligible for student loans

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