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  • Welcome bonus: There is currently no offer
  • Annual Subscription: $0
  • APR Regular: Please see conditions
  • Recommended credit score (No credit history).

Goldman Sachs has issued the Apple Credit Card to help Apple fans maximize their Apple purchase and seamlessly integrate with existing Apple devices. The card can be used with your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Pay wallet to earn rewards for your purchases. There are no annual fees, late fees, penalties, or fees, and cashback is deposited daily into your account.

All in one glance

  • Buy with Apple and get 3% Cash Back
  • Apple Pay users earn 2% cash back on purchases
  • You can earn 1% cash back for other purchases when your physical card is used instead of Apple Pay.
  • You can also earn 3% cashback when your Apple Card is used with Apple Pay at selected merchants.
  • There is no annual fee.
  • Variable APRs: 10.99% to 21.99% depending on creditworthiness


  • Apple Pay users earn 3% cashback and 2% cashback.
  • There is no annual fee.
  • You can pay for Apple products over time but without interest.
  • Metal card design

The inconvenients

  • It is not convenient for Apple users who don’t use Apple devices
  • There is no welcome bonus
  • Apple Pay does not accept Apple Pay as a payment method.

Additional card details

The Apple Credit Card offers many benefits, including cashback rewards. However, they are best suited to certain types of users and purchases.

You can select another person to become co-owner/co-owner when you open your card account. Each co-owner, unlike authorized users, is responsible for the account balances.

You can also create an Apple Card Family. This allows up to 5 members of your family (or anyone else) to be authorized users (participants) and develops their credit history. Co-owners share responsibility for Apple Card balances, but authorized users aren’t. All payments to your Apple Card Family account by Apple Card Family members are your responsibility.

Apple Family is an excellent option if you have a large family that uses iPhones or Apple devices. You can monitor household spending and give rewards to everyone who purchases.

You can also use the Apple Credit Card to pay for specific Apple products without any interest. This perk is for those looking to purchase expensive Apple products such as a phone or computer. It also allows you to pay with no interest over time. The minimum amount due on your Apple Card statement includes your monthly payments so that you don’t have to make additional payments each month. You must make sure that you keep up with your payments and not buy expensive Apple devices you cannot afford. Apple Card does not charge late fees, but you could risk losing your Apple Card account if your minimum payments aren’t met.

Do you need this card?

This card is an excellent addition to your wallet if you already use Apple Pay for Apple products such as iPhones and iPads. You might not often spend at stores that accept Apple Pay, so think twice about applying. To maximize your rewards, you will need to use the mobile payments method.

It is possible to use the card with an iPad or iPhone without qualifying, but there are no other options. You can only make qualifying in-store and online purchases at Apple if your Apple Card is not added to your qualifying device. You can add the card to your iPhone/iPad and earn rewards. Additionally, you can manage your account and make payments through the Wallet app. You can also pay interest-free Apple products with monthly installments.

Apple Credit Card is perfect for those who use Apple devices regularly and want to spend more. You will receive the best reward rates and get all the benefits of Apple purchases. Apple Pay is available for purchases. Anybody else should consider a cashback credit card. Citi Double Cash card offers similar rewards of 2% cashback on all purchases, regardless of whether you use a mobile wallet.

How to use an Apple credit card

The Apple Credit Card can be used for future Apple purchases, including subscriptions to Apple TV + new iPads. Earn 3% Rewards online and in Apple Stores. You can also sign up for monthly payments plans to repay your purchases over time, but you won’t earn interest.

Pro tip

The monthly Apple Card payments can be used to pay off Apple purchases over time, without interest. If you’re looking for a flexible solution, such as a 0% introductory deal or a credit card that allows you to consolidate existing debts, you might consider other 0% APR options. Balance transfers are not allowed on the Apple credit card.

To earn a flat rate of 2% with merchants accepting mobile payments online or in-store, you can also set up your Apple Card to be your preferred payment method for Apple Pay. At checkout, look for the Apple Pay logo and a contactless reader.

Keep up-to-date with the latest news from eligible merchants offering 3% cashback with Apple Card. The current retailers are Panera Bread and Walgreens. These merchants may change at any time. To get a higher rate, you should use Apple Pay at the checkout.

Your CCashbackdoes not expire and will never lose value when you redeem your rewards. Your Cash is not credited to your account every day, but it will be deposited after you have earned a minimum amount or received your monthly statement. These rewards can be used to pay in-store, make payments to the card balance, send payments to friends, or deposit them into your account.

Your Apple Card account will show you the interest you’ll be paying overtime. It’ll depend on whether you make minimum payments or how much. It can help you visualize the actual cost associated with maintaining a balance. However, you must still pay your entire balance each month to avoid credit card debt and interest.

Apple credit card vs. all other cards

  • Welcome bonusThere is no current offer
  • Annual Subscription:$ 0
  • Regular APRPlease refer to the conditions
  • Credit recommendation:(No credit history).
  • Please find out more on the secure website of our partner.
  • Welcome bonusThere is no current offer
  • Annual Subscription:$ 0
  • APR Regular:13.99% – 23.99% (Variable).
  • Credit recommendation:670-850 (good or excellent)
  • Please find out more on our secure partner site.
  • Introduction bonus:
  • Annual Subscription:$ 0
  • Regular APRVariable: 14.99% to 23.74%
  • Credit recommendation:670-850 (good or excellent)
  • Please find out more on our secure partner site.

Final results

Apple Pay users who use Apple Credit Card to make purchases may find it helpful. Apple Pay purchases earn you 3%cacashbackand Apple Credit Card users get 2%cacashback.

Cashback credit cards are available that can add more value to your regular spending if you don’t use your iPhone’s mobile wallet. Before you apply, make sure to compare rewards and cash back cards that may best suit your spending habits.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Is Apple Credit Card a Credit Card?

The Apple Credit Card can help you build credit, provided that you pay your bills on time. It also reports your credit history to all three credit bureaus.

Is Apple Credit Card Pre-Approved Online

Online pre-approval for an Apple credit card is possible without having to do a credit check. Pre-approval doesn’t guarantee you will get the card, but it does indicate that you are likely to meet the requirements for approval.

What are the annual fees associated with the Apple credit card

Apple Credit Card doesn’t have a yearly fee.

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