Trapped in Debt? Here’s how to reduce your debt

Careless loans with a credit card or aimless borrowing can easily get you into the debt trap.

Various instant credit options such as credit cards and instant loan platforms have made life easier for individuals by providing them with immediate financial assistance and cash in case of an emergency. That said, a reckless loan with a credit card or a no-goal borrowing can easily lure you into the debt trap. Experts say it can derail a person from their financial goals and force a person to use up all of their savings.

Here’s how you can reduce your debt:

Strict budget
One can follow a strict budget to avoid falling into the debt trap. Keeping a proper budget also helps save for long-term financial goals. For example, if you have a large loan amount, prioritizing monthly expenses is the way to go, besides spending only on the essentials. Experts say that before dealing with monthly expenses, one should set aside the amount required to pay off debt.

Take note of all debts
Make a list of all debts including student loans, personal loans, credit card dues, etc. to follow up. In addition to that, include the amount of balance owed on each loan and the length of the minimum payment. Experts say that this way one will be able to calculate the total amount owed, track it correctly and get rid of it quickly.

Prioritize debt
If a borrower has more than one assessment, they should prioritize their debt, as some types of loans have a higher interest rate than others. For example, the interest rate on credit cards is usually the highest and should be given priority over personal or student loans.

New credit
When you are in debt, the first rule to follow is not to go into debt again. Replacing some unsecured loans with other loans, such as a home loan or gold loans, could also reduce the debt burden.

Debt consolidation
In addition, by understanding the nature of each debt, one can consolidate various small loans into a longer term loan at a lower cost. In this way, the overall debt is reduced. Experts say that by consolidating multiple credit card contributions or personal loans into one loan, you can not only reduce interest charges, but it also makes it easier to track repayments.

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