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Christian Credit Counseling

You are not alone if you have difficulty paying your bills, are receiving notices from creditors, are making late payments consistently, or are overwhelmed by your debt situation. It doesn’t matter if the crisis is caused by a personal or familial illness, loss of employment, or excessive spending.

A strategy to manage your debt is a great strategy. It helps you repay debt obligations or handle them. The plan benefits both the creditor and the debtor. 

Some plans may include working with creditors to negotiate better terms or restructuring debt repayments. Consolidation and loan options may also be considered. You may also be able to use strategies to reduce debt and accelerate repayment.

Primary forms of debt assistance

Debt Management

ConsolidationNow provides this assistance! ConsolidationNow can help you pay your creditors if you are a member of our Debt Management Program. To pay down unsecured debt, we work with you to make one monthly payment. 

All debts can be combined into one monthly payment. The interest rates are reduced. All collection calls, as well as over-the-limit and late fees, are eliminated. Debts are fully paid within 3 to 5 years.

Debt Consolidation

Consolidating debt involves taking several high-interest, unsecured debts and merging them into one. A loan has two advantages: lower interest rates and one monthly payment. 

A larger loan will usually have a longer-term, which lowers the monthly payments. Loan companies often offer consolidation loans as quick fixes for debt problems, but they don’t address the root cause of the problem.

Debt Settlement

This is when a creditor agrees to accept as full payment less than what you owe on unsecured debts that aren’t attached to assets such as a house or an automobile. 

Unsecured debts can include credit cards, medical bills, student loans, and mortgages. You will need cash in a lump sum to cover the entire balance or a payment plan. As a last resort, debt settlement should only be used.


Bankruptcy refers to a legal proceeding in which someone is unable or unwilling to pay their outstanding debts. All debts are not included in bankruptcy. Not eligible are child support and spousal obligations, student loans, or tax debt. Bankruptcy allows a fresh start for the consumer and gives creditors the chance to get some repayment. Even if you are deeply in debt, bankruptcy should only be used as a last resort.

You’ll face difficult decisions as you try to pay down your excessive debt. ConsolidationNow can help you determine which option is best. We will be there to help you through this difficult time. 

We are ready to analyze your financial situation and create a strategy that suits your needs. The choices you make today will have an impact on your credit history in the future.



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