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Counseling for Credit Cards

Credit card counseling can help you reduce your debt

Anyone who is too deep in debt can find credit card counseling a lifeline. An average American household has $8000 in credit card debt. It can be difficult for many to pay off that much debt. Things get worse when unexpected expenses, such as medical bills or vehicle repairs, are involved.

Counseling services for credit cards can offer strategies, support, and resources. ConsolidationNow offers free counseling and low-cost debt management programs. This can help you pay off your debts while also teaching you how to avoid them in the future.

What you can expect from credit card counseling

What is credit card counseling? You can speak with a certified credit counselor when you sign up for a non-profit credit counseling service. The counselor will assess your financial situation and help you identify the actions or decisions that led to your debt. As you create a budget to pay your debt each month, you’ll need to review your income, assets, and expenses.

Credit counselors have the expertise to help you navigate all aspects of your financial problems. Learn about the pros and cons of debt management and consolidation, as well as the benefits and disadvantages of bankruptcy and debt settlement. Your counselor will help determine the best strategy for you and your goals during credit card counseling.

ConsolidationNow Low-cost credit counseling and free credit counseling

ConsolidationNow, a non-profit consumer credit counseling agency, is dedicated to helping consumers as they get out of debt. Our low-cost debt management programs and free credit counseling have helped thousands of people get rid of their debt and pay off their credit cards. 

Our certified counselors have the expertise to provide expert advice for any financial situation. They can connect you to financial tools and educational materials that will help you better understand your finances and establish healthy financial habits.

We offer:

  • Free credit counseling for a variety of financial issues. The focus is on how to manage your finances best.
  • Low-cost, low-cost debt management programs that simplify your finances consolidate payments and help to reduce your debt – typically within 60 months.
  • Housing counseling includes foreclosure counseling, reverse mortgage counseling, homebuyer education, and certification.
  • Counseling for student loans to discuss all options for managing student debt, regardless of how large it is.
  • Bankruptcy counseling, which includes the session of pre-filing bankruptcy counseling that the courts have mandated

A debt management plan can bring you many benefits

Your counselor might recommend a debt management program to manage your credit card debt. Here’s what to expect if you decide that this is the right option for you.

  1. Your counselor will help you create a realistic budget to put money towards debt reduction each month.
  2. Instead of paying small amounts to each creditor, you will make one monthly payment to ConsolidationNow, and we’ll distribute funds to your creditors.
  3. We will also approach creditors to negotiate lower finance charges, interest rates, or fees. We might also attempt to re-age the accounts to give you more time to repay your debts and lower your monthly payments.

A debt management plan will help you feel less stressed about your financial situation. It will be much easier to pay your monthly payment on time, as you only have one payment each month. You can also reduce interest rates and finance costs, which will help you pay off your debt faster.

Why credit card counseling in ConsolidationNow? What is the best way to get started?

ConsolidationNow offers credit card counseling.

  • Credit counselors who are experts. An independent certification body certifies our counselors.
  • Reputable company. ConsolidationNow is a credit counseling company with over 30 years of experience. We are a member of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling. We are also accredited by the Better Business Bureau, with an A+ rating.
  • Convenient services. ConsolidationNow offers credit counseling services six days a semaine over the phone and in person. English and Spanish are both available.
  • No-cost counseling. ConsolidationNow offers free credit card counseling for your first session.
  • Low-cost debt management plans. Our debt management programs offer the lowest effective fees in the industry.
  • No matter your ability to pay, you can get assistance. You may be eligible for reduced or waived fees if you cannot pay the debt management fees.
  • Superior customer service. We offer ongoing support and counseling for as long as you require.
  • Access to educational materials at no cost. Access to many educational materials and tools that will help you manage money and avoid debt.

FAQs: What’s credit card counseling?

What is credit card counseling?

Certified financial professionals offer credit counseling services that help consumers plan and pay off their credit cards.

What are the advantages of non-profit credit counseling?

Non-profit credit counseling agencies have a mission to provide free or low-cost services for consumers. On the other hand, for-profit debt relief companies are more focused on making money and may not be in the best interest of consumers. 

While non-profit agencies will recommend sound financial strategies that won’t ruin a consumer’s credit rating, for-profit agencies may recommend risky strategies which can damage credit ratings, increase debt and expose consumers to legal liability.


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