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Credit Counseling Certificate

Who requires a Certificate in Credit Counseling?

Also known as credit counseling or bankruptcy certificate, a bankruptcy certificate can be obtained. If you want to file bankruptcy, you must obtain certificates in both phases.

  • Declaring bankruptcy means you have declared that you cannot pay your debts.
  • You must file for bankruptcy before your obligations are discharged.

To be eligible for credit counseling certifications, you must complete two courses at a debt reduction institution that the Department has approved of Justice. 

The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 mandates financial education and counseling for all bankruptcy filers. The first course teaches you how your finances can be managed. 

These credit counseling classes are intended to give debtors the tools, resources, and support they need to avoid future debt.

How to get a Certificate of Credit Counseling

You must first obtain a credit counseling certificate before you can file bankruptcy. To file for bankruptcy, you must attend a 60-to-90-minute counseling session. Although the fee is usually $50, counselors are required to provide free pre-bankruptcy counseling in financial crisis situations. 

After the session, you will receive a credit counseling certificate valid for six months if you choose to proceed with bankruptcy proceedings.

You will receive your second credit counseling certification after you have completed a post-bankruptcy education course. A recognized organization must provide the training. It should last no less than two hours. 

These courses cover topics such as managing money, how to make a budget, how to use credit responsibly, and where you can find additional resources and help for managing your finances. The cost of these post-bankruptcy education seminars is between $50 and $100. If you are unable to afford the session, waivers are available.

These documents must be submitted together with the credit counseling certificate to post-bankruptcy debtor educational.

  • Chapter 7 cases must be filed within 45 days after the creditors’ meeting
  • Not later than the last payment of your repayment plan or, in Chapter 13 cases, the filing date of the Motion to Discharge.

Is it necessary to have a credit counseling certificate?

ConsolidationNow is here to help

ConsolidationNow is available if you have concerns about your debts and believe bankruptcy may be your only option. Our debt assistance services can help you find solutions for your specific financial situation. 

If you decide to file bankruptcy, we can provide credit counseling certificate courses approved for pre-and/or post-bankruptcy. As a certified credit counseling agency by the Better Business Bureau, we have been helping customers with their financial problems for over two decades.



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