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  • Make a Single Monthly Payment
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Changing economic conditions and a rise in cost of living has left many people with poor credit scores. Less than stellar credit history means that you will probably not qualify for conventional loans. Conventional lending institutions such as banks and other credit facilities will require that the borrower has a good credit standing for them to advance any type of loan to you. However, given the current economic situation, credit crunch and change in world policies have left many people with poor credit scores. They have limited options when it comes to seeking loan facilities. This is very difficult for people with poor credit scores. We offer an avenue for you to find credit financial credit facilities to fund your financial emergency. The most crucial factor is to check out the interest rates charged on the loans. This will determine the amount of the loan that you will repay in the end.

The only way that you can get out of the viscous cycle of debt is to consolidate all your loans and this will help you overcome the loans easily.  Debt consolidation allows the borrower to merge all the debt obligations into one. This makes it easy for you to manage your loans through easy tracking and monitoring of a single loan. You can do this by borrowing a loan on your own from one of lenders in our network. There various benefits of debt consolidation these include:


  • Reduced debt


Reduced debt

Reduced debt

You can reduce overall debt balances and the rate of interest rates considerably when you choose to consolidate your loans. Small loans are mostly associated with high interest rates and this could be challenging to the borrower. Apart from features such as rollovers and other increments to your loan, other additional charges may make the loan repayment process difficult. However, when you choose to consolidate your loans, it will be easier to manage the loans and you can get an excellent opportunity to negotiate with your lender to reduce the outstanding balances and give you a manageable loan interest. Even in situations where you are not lucky to have the lenders convinced to have a reduced amount of payment in the final statement, consolidating your debts will allow you to reduce the interest charges to a comparatively lower level.


  • Favorable repayment terms and conditions


Favorable repayment terms and conditions

Favorable repayment terms and conditions

A major benefit of debt consolidation bad credit is that the repayment terms that your lender will give will be more favorable for your situation. There are no rollovers, other penalties associated with late repayment, or charges of the conventional loan set for you when you request a loan from our website, we will connect you to the lenders in our network who will evaluate your ability to repay the loan before advancing it to your account. Your lender will mediate on your behalf with lenders to give you a better interest rate and the repayment process will be smooth.


  • Smaller monthly payments


When you opt to use debt consolidation loans to clear your debts, you will be in a position to deal with any emerging financial challenges that may arise. Your lender will review all your financial obligations and income to ascertain the right amount of loan interest that you will repay.


  • One monthly payment


It is usually quite stressful for a borrower to deal with a string of loans and manage them effectively. When you have to make multiple payments every month, you are left reeling in worries and check book monitoring several debts. By consolidation, you can say goodbye to stress associated with several small loans and you are able to make single monthly payments. As part of the process, the interest rate and the payment will fit into your budget because you will not have to deal with high interest rates anymore.


  • Waiving additional charges


Waiving additional charges

Waiving additional charges

Another benefit of debt consolidation loans bad credit is that the process will allow you to alleviate high penalty charges that are associated with small high interest loans. Your lender pays off all your penalty charges and extra charges and you will be in a position to repay a loan that is manageable. The first thing that your lender will do is to negotiate with your creditors on the best loan interest and reduced charges. In most cases, your lender will agree with your creditors to waive off all sorts of penalty and charges associated with the loan.



  • You avoid dealing with creditors or collection agents


It is evident that consolidating your loan will help you get rid of collection calls and emails. If you consolidate the debts, your lender will repay the loan in full and this means that you will not have to question payday lenders and debts of your own. Your lender will be your representative and you will only repay one loan with a single monthly installment.  Your lender will negotiate all your loans on your behalf and deal with any emerging issues.


  • Chance to improve your credit score


Chance to improve your credit score

Chance to improve your credit score

One of the main benefits of debt consolidation is that it provides you with an excellent opportunity to repair and improve your credit score. However, in this context, you have to be careful because you should repay all your installments on time. When you consolidate your loans, your lender will make a positive reporting to credit bureaus if you are making the repayment on time. Avoid complicating the scenario by failing to repay the loan on time.

  • Debt consolidation presents the borrower with a chance to bring finances back on track through budgeting and repayment of loans on time. In essence, your lender may give you an insight on how to manage your finances as well as how to get out of debt.

A common mistake that many people make is that they want to consolidate their debts and use it as a solution to their financial problems. Essentially, you should use the debt consolidation plan as a platform to get your finances back on track. We advocate responsible lending and you should have a concrete financial plan that will help you overcome financial burden.

How does consolidation help your financial situation?

When you consolidate all your debts, you will be in a position to look at the loans on a different perspective and make a better financial judgment. Debt consolidation loans do not come with the need to have collateral on the loan. This makes it easy because you won’t have to put your assets or property on the line to get the loan. Your assets will be safe and you can find a solution to long-term financial crisis.

Request Procedure

Request Procedure

Request Procedure

The procedure of requesting for debt consolidation is pretty simple. All you have to do is fill out a simple loan request form on our website and we will forward all the information to reputable lenders in our network. Your lender will then evaluate your request and disburse the money to your active checking account or repay all your loans directly. Once your lender has all the necessary information you will then move to the next part of settling all debts and have a simple monthly installment.



"Thanks and I have enjoyed my association with you and your company. I would have never been able to do this on my own. Again, thanks for your help." Sandy P.

"My first student loan payment out of many loans was coming up and it was going to put a huge dent in my pocket. But luckily for me I found Apple Debt Care; they really helped me consolidate all my loans and now I only have to make one low payment that I can actually afford." - Eddy A.

"Thank you so much, I appreciate working with you and AppleDebtCare; You have already helped me so much and are continuing to help me get back on my feet and to manage my debt better." Demetrice M.

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