Get out of credit card debt | Repayment and review of personal loans

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Sky-high interest rates can make it difficult to get out of debt if you have credit cards. A personal loan may be a good option if you are looking for a lower interest rate with fixed monthly payments.

The Payoff is a fast and simple application process for qualified borrowers who want to consolidate credit card debt and then pay it off at a lower rate over time. Each request is unique, but eligible borrowers typically receive rates between 5.99% and 24.99% APR. This can be a lifeline for those with too many debts to see a clear way forward.

Select recommends Payoff in our top list of debt consolidation loans, partly because of the useful ways that the online Payoff portal uses Empowerment Science to keep borrowers motivated and focused as they deal with their debt.

The Payoff is the name of the company. This is because the lender designed its offers to help consumers eliminate their credit card debt once for all. The company specializes in personal loans for major purchases, home renovations, and education.

Payoff provides users with free tools to increase their FICO scores. It also offers stress assessments and personality tests so that borrowers can better understand the impact of their lifestyle and financial choices on their lives.

Here’s the complete Payoff review by Select. It covers benefits, fees, and loan amounts, as well as term lengths.

Repayment and review of personal loans

Repayment of personal loan

  • Annual percentage rate (APR).
  • Scope of the loan
  • Consolidation of Debt/Refinance
  • Amounts of loans
  • Terms
  • Credit is required
  • Original fees
  • Based on credit score and application, 0% to 5%
  • Prepayment penalty
  • Late charges

With a grace period of 15 days, 5% or $ 15 of the monthly payment amount.


  • Multiple offers can be verified easily using the peer-to-peer lending platform.
  • With Payoff membership, loan approval is possible.
  • There are no prepayment fees
  • No late fees
  • It’s quick and easy to apply
  • Customer service from the USA

The inconvenient

  • Higher minimum loan amounts ($ 5,000)
  • To see the original charge and other details, you must submit an indirect request.

Payoff: This is a way to stay motivated.

  • This team is available to help borrowers and answer any questions.
  • To help borrowers learn more about their money management style, they can take free personality tests and stress assessments. Cash flow tracking is also available.
  • Members can track their progress with FICO tools for free

*Based on an analysis of Payoff members, between February 2020 to August 2020, members who used a Payoff loan for at least $5,000 in credit card debt would see an average FICO score rise of 40 points. Results may not be guaranteed and can vary.


Earnings have an APR of between 5.99% and 24.99%. Your income and credit score are factors that determine interest rates. The APR you are offered will depend on the amount borrowed and how long the term is.


Access to financial literacy tools is perhaps the most significant benefit of a Payoff loan. The Payoff loan acceptance includes membership to an online portal that provides the following resources:

  • Scores are updated each month to let you see your progress and track any changes.
  • A team dedicated to the member experience proactively supports borrowers through welcome calls and quarterly registrations in the first year.
  • Empowerment Science Improves members’ understanding and money relationships through Payoff’s scientific personality, stress, and cash flow assessments.


Origination fees for loans with repayment can vary depending on your credit score and the application.

If you choose to pay your debt off sooner than expected, there are no prepayment penalties or late fees.

The amount of the loan

Loans can be taken out to eligible borrowers between $ 5,000 – $ 40,000. Approval can usually be obtained within three to seven days. After your application has been approved, the funds will be transferred to your checking account.

Office term

The amortizable loan term can vary from 24 to 60 months.

The end of the line

The payment system is made with the debtor who is motivated. The Payoff is a toolbox that helps you pay off credit card debt.

Based on 2020 research, the average Payoff borrower experiences a 40 point increase in FICO scores. This is based upon a 2020 study that looked at Payoff members who used a loan to pay off credit card debts of less than $ 5,000.

However, the results may vary and cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, it is essential to compare the offers with a personal loans comparator to make the right financial decision.

Find out more about the questions you should ask before applying for a personal loan.

Our methodology

Select reviewed dozens of U.S. personal loan options online and in-person to determine which ones are the best for debt consolidation. We have selected loans that do not require enrollment or set-up fees. However, debt repayments and consolidation loans can be subject to fees, typically from 0% up to 10%.

We focused on these features when ranking the top personal loans:

  • Fixed-rate APR: Variable rates are subject to change over the term of your loan. Fixed-rate APR locks you in an interest rate throughout the term of your loan. This makes it easier to budget.
  • Flexible minimum and maximum loan amounts/conditions: Every lender has a variety of financing options you can choose from based on your monthly budget and the length of time it takes to repay your loan.
  • There are no early repayment penalties. Lenders on our list don’t charge borrowers prepayment fees.
  • A simplified application process: We examined whether lenders offer same-day approvals and an easy online application process.
  • Customer Service: Every loan on our database offers customer service via phone, email, or secure online messaging. We also prefer lenders that have an online advice or resource center to educate you on the personal loan process and your finances.
  • Funds disbursement: The loans we offer can quickly be wire transferred to your checking account or sent in the form of a paper check. We have seen some lenders that offer direct payment options.
  • Get automatic payments discounts: We’ve seen lenders reward customers who sign up for automatic payments by lowering their APR from 0.2% to 0.5%.
  • The Lenders Payment Limits and Loan Amounts: These lenders offer loans of varying sizes, from $ 1000 to $ 100,000. Each lender will advertise their loan amounts and payment limits. A pre-approval process can help you understand the interest rate and monthly payments for each amount.

The advertised rates and fees for personal loans can fluctuate based on the Fed Rate. Once your loan agreement has been accepted, a fixed-rate APR will ensure that the interest rate and monthly payment remain the same throughout the loan’s term.

Your credit score and creditworthiness will affect your APR, monthly payments, and loan amount. Lenders will perform a credit check to determine if you are eligible for a loan. They may also ask you for proof of income, identity, proof of address, and other documents.

Editorial Note: All opinions, criticisms, or recommendations in this article are solely the responsibility of Select’s editorial team. They have not been approved, reviewed, or otherwise approved by any other party.