Does Debt Consolidation Ruin Your Credit?


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Does Debt Consolidation Ruin Your Credit?

Consolidating debt may lower your monthly payment but it could temporarily
affect your credit score.
A debt consolidation loan, or a balance transfer credit can be used to
consolidate your debt. Each type of consolidation loan requires a credit
check. This could cause a drop in your credit score.

Positive changes can be made if you change your habits and make sure you
pay on time.

Let’s take a closer look at the impact of debt consolidation on your credit

What can debt consolidation do to your credit score?

Consolidating debt is when you combine several loans into one. Ideally, the
interest rate will be lower and the repayment term shorter. If you pay less
interest and make smaller payments, your debt will be paid off faster.

A personal loan to consolidate debts

You must have a lower credit score to be approved for a balance transfer
card. Are you not sure about your credit score? NerdWallet can provide a
free credit score.

Even if your credit score isn’t high, a credit card can help you build credit.

You can combine multiple payments to make your finances more

Credit usage is the amount of credit that you have used. You can improve
your credit score by lowering your credit limit.


Additional credit cards can make your debt even worse.

You risk ruining your credit score if you fail to make your payments on-time

Borrowing money can be costly. It is important to fully understand the APR.

Although not all prepayment penalties are available, they are possible.


Use a Balance Transfer card to consolidate debt
Customers with excellent credit may be eligible to receive 0% APR and
reduced interest rates for a short period.

Flexible payments are possible

Prepayment is not subject to penalty.


Excessive credit use can lead to lower credit scores.

Fail to pay loan on schedule may charged a higher interest.

There are other options

These options may not be right for you. You may be able to find other
options for debt consolidation, but these choices could have an impact on
your credit score.

It is not a good idea for unsecured debt to be replaced with secured debt
such as a mortgage, credit card debt or other forms of secured debt. You
could lose your house or car if you cannot pay.

Your home equity loan or line credit, depending on what you get, will be
recorded either as an installment loan (or a revolving) account. Credit
conducted also checks.

401(k), loan: It is not listed on your credit report so it does not have any
impact on your credit score.

A debt management program: Although seeing a credit counsellor and
signing up for a plan won’t have any direct impact on your credit score or
credit score, you can cancel credit cards or negotiate lower monthly

The DMP will be visible on your credit report, but it won’t be
removed. Finalizing would not be a strategy.

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