Debt Consolidation With A Lawyer


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Debt Consolidation With A Lawyer

Lawyer or Debt Settlement Company? Which should I choose?

It’s more economical to hire a lawyer to help you negotiate with creditors
than to pay a company that deals with debt.

You might wonder if you should hire a lawyer if you are having trouble paying
your bills.

It is best to get assistance when negotiating a settlement than to work with a
law firm that specializes only in debt settlement. Sometimes it is easier to
pay your bills yourself.

How Debt Settlement Companies Works

Companies that specialize in debt resolution will tell creditors they will pay
pennies per day to settle your unsecured debts.

*Membership fee to allow the business to continue operating.
All future obligations are covered by your savings
The debt settlement company will contact your creditors to arrange a lump
payment. The amount you save from settlement should equal the amount you

What Debt Settlement Companies Do Not Want You To Know

Many debt settlement companies don’t adequately warn clients about the
dangers they pose to their clients.

These are some of the disadvantages of working with companies involved in
debt settlement.

Your debt will rise as soon as you have a problem.

You may find that you are unable to pay your bills on time.

Another problem is that creditors might refuse to settle.

Creditors don’t have a right to settle for less if they work with a credit
settlement company
Another problem is the high debt settlement fees.

For-profit companies can be more expensive than traditional debt resolution

Why a lawyer makes a good choice

An experienced attorney will review your case to provide real-world
guidance. This can help you decide if settlements are right or not. This is the
result of years of practice and law school.
An attorney can help with all of the decisions.

An attorney can help you defend yourself if you are sued.
Don’t fall for scammy debt settlement attorneys.

An attorney must have a license and adhere to strict ethical guidelines.

Avoiding Bad Lawyers

An attorney can help you with your business by meeting with you face-to-

You may also notice that the company is a debt management company.
You can manage your debts yourself.

A settlement can be reached between you and your creditors.

Negotiating your settlement is cheaper than hiring someone to represent

Last, but not least, lawyers and debt settlement companies are sometimes
unable to negotiate better deals than if they approached creditors directly.

Taxpayers face severe consequences
It doesn’t matter who is doing the debt settlement.

It doesn’t matter who does the debt settlement.

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