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If you’re having difficulty paying your credit card invoice, or another financial obligation that you cannot be paid, Freedom Debt Relief offers the possibility of resolving your problems.

 The company’s goal is to assist you with negotiating and settling your debts so that your debt is lower than the amount you’re charged. What you’ll be charged will depend on how much debt you can negotiate.

Like other companies which offer the chance of reducing credit debit card bills, Freedom Debt Relief offers the possibility of receiving an initial consultation at no cost to assist you in determining the best solution for your situation.

 Additionally, you’ll be provided with an estimate of the amount you’ll save by getting in touch with Freedom Debt Relief and the duration of time you’ll need to adhere to the program.

Pros Explained

  • Accredited Debt Consultants can assist you in negotiating your debt and paying off the debts you’re willing to pay. Freedom Debt Relief has skilled Debt Consultants who are certified for the process which involves negotiations of the debt. 
    They’ve helped clients determine the most effective method to settle their debts and allow them to continue living their lives.
  • You can track your progress live on the dashboard provided through Freedom Debt Relief: Freedom Debt Relief offers an online dashboard for customers who sign up to monitor the progression of their repayment plan over the day. 
    This is a fantastic option for people who would like to watch the progression of their payment program in real-time. It is crucial to note that several businesses offer debt relief, and you can use this platform online.
  • The service doesn’t charge any fees for settlements that are made before the date of payment. After you’ve enrolled in the service, there’s no need to worry about the upfront expense. All you’ll be required to cover is a percentage of the total amount calculated by the debt that you resolve if you can get great outcomes.

Cons Explained

  • The format * isn’t acceptable following BBB. Better Business Bureau (BBB): Freedom Debt Relief is not recognized by BBB. BBB, however, the majority of debt relief firms are accredited as an entity by BBB. 1.
  • The amount charged could be up to 25% of the total amount owed. The amount you pay could be up to 25 percent of the total amount you have to pay off the charges debt if you choose to use this alternative. Freedom Debt Relief. This isn’t typical of money deposited by relief firms that release their expenses. It’s small. But the competitor (InCharge Debt Solutions) offers lower rates to their customers.

The various kinds of debts that are dealt with : Debt Relief

Freedom Debt Relief helps clients negotiate and settle loans that aren’t secured and subject to due dates. They specialize in loans with no collateral. Examples of different types of debt that the company is capable of helping with are given below.

Credit Card Credit Card Debt

Freedom Debt Relief focuses most on helping clients to resolve their debts. They also assist with obligations and provide negotiation with credit cards. A typical credit expense for credit card holders is 19.24 percent. It’s not hard to imagine those needing help to pay the balance of their dues (including principal and interest) in a way that is less than what they’re due.

Medical bills

Health debts are a danger that is widespread across America. The United States, and that’s particularly true for those that are covered under health insurance. 

Freedom Debt Relief works with specialists in hospitals and medical care to aid in reducing the price of medical care, which is less than the cost of the.

Private Student Loans

Freedom Debt Relief also says they could, under specific conditions, assist in the repayment process of the loan. However, they aren’t able to aid students who enroll in Federal Student Loans.

Client Onboarding

To participate in this program, dubbed Freedom Debt Relief, you must have more than $7500 of outstanding debt. It could mean credit cards or medical bills, as well as any other obligation that you’re struggling with. 

Furthermore, you should be in the “legitimate situation that’s financially difficult” that could be beneficial when you’re facing debt and have to pay back the loan. Freedom Debt Relief states that creditors will not negotiate with you if they must pay the debt in full and thoroughly.

If you call Freedom Debt Relief, you’ll receive a no-cost consultation, which will help you determine if this is the best choice for you. In this consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to review your debts and decide what you can do to cut down your deficit.

Additionally, you’ll be informed about the types of credit you’re eligible for, and the amount of time it’ll take to follow the program.

Customer Service

Freedom Debt Relief offers customer assistance via email or telephone. The customer service department is available throughout the day, including Monday through Thursday between 8:15 a.m. until 8:15 p.m. For Fridays, the team is accessible between 9:00 a.m. until 8 p.m. and on Sundays and Saturdays beginning at around 10:00 a.m. up to 8 p.m. The debt experts are licensed and available throughout the week, from 30 a.m. until 11 p.m., and available on Saturdays from 8 a.m. until 9 p.m.

Although Freedom Debt Relief doesn’t offer the same online chat options as other businesses, it does stand out with its website designed specifically for customers who have an internet connection. 

The dashboard is accessible to both customers and users who can access the dashboard any time you’d like to view the status of your account. It is also possible to upload files or view the state on your account.

Company Reputation

The process of seeking debt relief isn’t free of risk. It is possible to fall victim to scams or companies which make false promises. For instance, certain companies offering debt relief services might require a deposit before providing assistance or insist clients sign up for their services without revealing the risks involved.

 This is why it’s advised to speak directly with your Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to conduct a thorough review of the firms that offer debt relief services and also to talk with the attorney general of your local or state-wide consumer protection agency before making a choice.

You can also register an account with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) database to find out more about businesses you could be thinking of hiring.

Freedom Debt Relief was taken to court by the CFPB CFPB at the close of the year due to allegations that they attempted to sell customers at a not initially set price. 

They did not inform the customers about their rights in relation to the cash transferred to the business to settle their outstanding balances. 3. 

The final stage was that Freedom Debt Relief decided the issue in 2019 when they made payments of 20 million to affected customers and fined them up to fines of up to 5 million dollars for breaking the lawful procedure.

Reviews by reviewers are available on the website. Freedom Debt Relief still is receiving a rating of 4.6 five stars. It is based on over 3000 testimonials from people who have tried Trustpilot. 

Although BBB doesn’t endorse the company, they have an overall rating of 5 stars. Based on reviews they’ve posted on their website.

Suppose you’re unhappy with the service provided by a firm that offers the option of paying off any outstanding balance. In that case, you can take the step of submitting an appeal at FTC for assistance or calling the FTC by dialing 877-FTC-HELP.

The Average Relief

The amount of debt relief granted will depend on your residence location and the amount due to the debt. Freedom Debt Relief claims they can assist you in paying off your debts with less than 50 percent of what you owe or less. 

The debtor is responsible for all costs associated with the debt settlement process as a condition of assistance in negotiations and the settlement of debts.

Average Time to Lower Stress

Freedom Debt Relief claims its program is available for up to 48 months. The length of time could be different (or longer) according to the specifics of your circumstance. This is the typical period that you can evaluate with other debt relief firms.


If you can repay your debts using Freedom Debt Relief, you aren’t required to pay upfront costs. The amount you pay is contingent upon the amount you’re paying. 

They typically range between 15 to 25 percent. Freedom Debt Relief claims that the amount you pay could differ depending on your particular situation and the state you reside in.

The majority of businesses that specialize in debt reduction are unable to provide their rates on their sites. Freedom Debt Relief does Freedom Debt Relief have this capability, which is an advantage. It is essential to understand that 15 % (or 25%) is the typical amount they are charged for businesses that market their rates.

Freedom Debt Relief and National Debt Relief are two programs that have similarities to one another. Both provide no-cost consultation for clients to help pay off their debts in lower amounts than they are expected to pay. 

 Firms have specific costs (15 percent to 10 percent of the total amount due) and say that most of their customers can pay their debts in a time frame of 24 to 48 hours. 

Both offer customer support via phone or email and have an online dashboard accessible at all times to customers. Customers can also access an online platform to let people sign up to monitor their progress.

But, National Debt Relief stands apart because of its scores in the information of third-party data sources. This is evident in its certification and its A plus rating with the Better Business Bureau. 5

Furthermore, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has scrutinized Freedom Debt Relief in the last five years because of its questionable business practices.

Yet, National Debt Relief has not been examined by the CPB. 3. About these and other elements, National Debt Relief scored an average weighted average that was the range of 4.63 and 4.63 points, and an overall score of 5.63 of our study on debt relief. 

The score was similar to 3.68 points that are identical to five points with Freedom Debt Relief. 

How We Review Debt Relief Companies Way we Review Debt Relief Companies

ConsolidationNow looked at fifteen of the top influential companies that can help you in paying off your debt. We selected the most effective by looking at the ratings from third-party sources, their credibility as a company, and the high quality of their services to their customers and products. 

We selected companies that provide various options for customer service and online access, and via phone. They also provide transparency on their costs and other choices. 

Based upon our research, Freedom Debt Relief earned 3.68 out of five stars and was deemed to be our top choice in the category of “best Interactive program.”



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