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10 Signs of Living Debt Free

Debt free people are a rare breed, particularly in the present day. Most people have believed that peace of mind is only possible with a FICO score higher than the average, you have credit card points up the many, and your inbox is filled with credit cards.

If you see people boasting of having zero debts, who live with less than what they earn and keep a pile of cash in case of emergencies, You might believe they’re . . . Strange. Indeed, living a debt-free lifestyle isn’t just for a specific category of people. It’s something that anyone can accomplish by putting in the effort and a few particular traits.

Find out the ten traits of those who lead debt-free lives

Characteristics of those who have debt free living

1. They’re anti-cultural.

The people who are aware of debt aren’t an instrument to aid them in winning. We are told that you need to have a credit card to live, and you’re not able to attend university without loans for students, or there’s a good chance you’ll always need to pay for your car. These are blatant lies.

2. They employ self-control.

Based on Dave ConsolidationNow, adults outline and then follow the plan. Children will do whatever feels good. Anyone determined to pay off debt has the determination to stroll right by the section of shoes (with the huge sales) or the TV section with flat screens without buying something on impulse. 

They’re not enticed to purchase something just because they like it or because it’s on sale. They are aware that purchasing something won’t solve all their issues and improve their mood. 

Why is that? Because they know that they shouldn’t buy these items if they cannot pay in cash. Debt-free people will be patient, work hard and save.

3. They’re confident.

Someone who is a believer in their financial plan doesn’t mind what others are thinking of them. They’re happily driving an older vehicle since it does not require an obligation to pay. 

They don’t have to go on costly trips just to share an attractive photo on social media. They glance at prices, not just at brands. Why is that? They’ve given up being able to catch up with Joneses right next to them.

What’s more? The discipline that this type of firmness lets more money take on their credit card debts. Every time they pay to clear, confidence rises in leaps and bounds.

4. They’re not afraid to declare no.

It’s tough to lead a debt-free lifestyle when constantly accepting every social event presented to you. It doesn’t matter if it’s shopping and vacations, eating out with your pals, or just spending money on the spur of the moment. It’s essential not to use the word “no” within your realm of choice.

5. They establish objectives.

It’s a no-brainer, isn’t it? A debt-free lifestyle is an objective target. That is why those who wish to reach it set that goal before them. They create precise goals that are measurable, time-sensitive, and written. They determine the purposes they’d like to achieve and develop a plan to accomplish it.

6. They’re gazelle-inspiring.

If you’ve attended Financial Peace University, You probably have a memory of Dave discussing gazelle intensity. This is when you’re so overwhelmed by debt that you’re running as quickly as possible (like gazelles) to the other in the opposite direction.

This means you’re trying to squeeze every dollar they can out of their budget. They’re using coupons, seeking sales every time, and making a side business. They’re entirely involved.

7. They don’t care about things.

Materialistic people tend to focus too much on “stuff.” They take out loans as much as possible to finance getaways, expensive cars, and even big homes.

However, those with a determination to get rid of debt understand that money won’t bring happiness. They’ve grown happy with their current situation and aren’t seeking to buy their happiness.

8. They’re willing to sacrifice.

Dining out, attending films every week, and getting the best package on cable — these are the kinds of things that a person could be able to avoid when being debt-free. 

However, keep in mind that budget cuts are temporary. When the debt is gone, there’s money in the budget to cover the dinner and movie dates.

9. They aren’t compared.

The debt-free people do not think about their lives compared to those in the streets and on Facebook. They recognize that they’re on their path in pursuit of their own goals and desires.

Since they’re not making comparisons of their lives to other people and are more content and content with the lives, they lead.

10. They’re generous.

Debt-free people are aware of the liberty to live their lives and give generously. They realize that the more they are willing to provide, the more fun they will enjoy with their money.

If they’re helping friends, family or their church, or even a cause they are passionate about, it’s more enjoyable to donate to a cause that is bigger rather than just storing it up for themselves. Rachel Cruze says that “Giving is the best time you can have when you spend money.” Do it now and see!

You can Live a Debt-Free Life!

The only way of getting rid of financial debt would be to Get out of the debt! If you’ve decided to be debt-free and live your existence, the only thing you have to do is get started!

Now that you’ve realized that there’s a better, more appealing method of living and a new process of looking at money, there’s nothing against you. It’s a matter of making small, thoughtful actions (or tiny steps) to move in the proper direction to get to the place you’d like to be.

But you don’t need to go on your own. We’ve put together a strategy to help you move from your current situation to where you’d like to be and live a debt-free lifestyle. 

There’s also an entire community of people just like you on the journey to conquer debt and to aim to become debt-free. Register for a free evaluation for ConsolidationNow. 

You’ll be on the program and get everything you need to know about the resources and tools (like the community we talked about earlier) you’ll need to aid you in reaching the place you’d like to be. Are you prepared? 



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