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Are you having trouble tackling these debt-related issues?

Debt Stoppers is one of the most prominent bankruptcy law firms in the country. We’ve assisted countless families in stopping foreclosure or repossession.

  • Stop Foreclosure

    Protect Your Home- In bankruptcy, you can stop the mortgage lender from foreclosing the property. In Chapter 13, you’ll be able to arrange your final permitting you to remain in your home. including

  • You can keep your possessions

    You might believe that filing for bankruptcy will require you to sell everything you have. This isn’t the reality. Bankruptcy can help you keep essential things like your house, vehicle, retirement plan, and even your money.

  • Stop the Repossession.

    Take Your Car or Truck Returned. Reduce Your Payment The bankruptcy process stops the repossession of a truck or car. If you act fast and act quickly, you could even be able to recover your vehicle from repossession — or even have your vehicle’s payment reduced. Our lawyers can help you preserve your possessions while taking back your financial future.

  • Stopping credit card debt.

    Repair Your Credit  As your debt-to-income ratio grows, your credit score declines. The lenders respond by increasing the size of your credit and increasing the interest rates. The filing of bankruptcy may reverse this trend as you take the necessary steps to restore your credit.

  • Stop Harassment of Creditors

     Once you apply for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, the bankruptcy court will grant an automatic stay defense. Your creditors are then required to stop their harassment. They can’t reach you directly and only pursue the collection of your debts through bankruptcy court. The automatic stay is effective in removing annoying phone calls as well as other methods of collection. If creditors fail to comply with the court’s order, you might be in a position to claim damages against them!

Select the most effective solution to pay off your debt

What is the reason that so many homeowners find themselves in foreclosure despite an amendment to their mortgage? Because mortgage modification won’t save enough money to bring about a change. 

The bankruptcy option can help keep your home since it can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars more than a loan modification. If you’re looking to protect your home, a total saving per month is the way to go. The bankruptcy process works.

Is your debt taking over your life?

At some point, we all experience financial hardship. Loss of employment or a cut to hours worked, divorce or an unexpected medical bill, or enormous repair costs can push us at risk. A greater number of American households than before have found themselves just one paycheck away from financial disaster.

Congress has provided us with an escape route from times like these.

To ease the burden an economy that is struggling puts upon families, Congress adopted — which President Obama signed into law the most efficient debt relief tool ever devised to help working people get rid of the burden of debt: personal bankruptcy statutes that govern Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

You don’t have to be judged. You only require assistance.

DebtStoppers is one of the most prominent bankruptcy law firms in the country. We’ve assisted countless families in stopping foreclosure or repossession.

We’ve helped them remove debt and keep their homes, cars, valuable possessions, and homes. We offer solid debt advice to answer your questions and help you navigate the bankruptcy process in a patient and professional manner.

We’ll give you your respect and dignity. We understand how it feels to be in debt and will take the time to ensure we fully understand your needs and desires.

Find a local bankruptcy attorney from DebtStoppers to guide you towards financial security.

Your DebtStoppers bankruptcy lawyer will be your advocate. We’ll stand up for you and put your interests always at the forefront. Contact DebtStoppers now by calling 844-546-7300 or complete our simple schedule form online.


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