Best Debt Consolidation Companies In Georgia


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Best Debt Consolidation Companies In Georgia

Georgia’s Debt Statutes

Georgia consumers are covered by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
(FDCPA), which contains provisions such as:

Debt collectors who have made great efforts to reach debtors at their homes
are prohibited from contacting them at work.

Collection agencies in Georgia are allowed to charge no more than 6 percent

Georgia residents have a guaranteed minimum 60-day wage.

Georgia’s Limitation Period

Georgia’s law on debt limits creditors’ ability for collection to a specific time.
It doesn’t apply customers in default of payments. They are only applicable
from the date that the customer last paid.

3 Year Promissory Notes

3 year credit card accounts

Written contracts last 6 years

Oral Agreements last for 6 Years

Georgia Debt Settlement may help you get out of debt.

What is Debt Settlement? What is Debt Settlement?

Georgia’s debt negotiation involves arranging a payment settlement for your
personal unsecured debt accounts at a lower amount that the principal sum

The process of loan settlement differs from Debt Consolidation or Credit
Counseling because it affects both the interest rate and the amount of the

Georgia Loan Settlement may offer you a quicker route to financial
independence by reducing your debt.

These offers can be negotiated by our debt negotiators. Those who are
ready to act immediately have the best chance of success with a Georgia
debt settlement program.

Georgia could include these debts in its debt settlement programme:
Credit cards let you pay with your credit card.

Defaulted private student loans
Personal lines of credit allow you to borrow money from friends and family.
Signature required for loans

Repossessions from The Past Department store cards are a type of gift card that can be used in any department stores.

Judgments of the Past Other obligations that are not enforceable
Georgia doesn’t accept the following debts.

Auto loans

European Union – Debts

Federal student loans

Hypothecation mortgages

Unsecured debts

You will be billed by the hospital or doctor’s offices.

Settlement of Debt in Georgia City-by-City

Atlanta Debt Settlement, a debt settlement company based in Atlanta, is

Augusta Debt Consolidation

Settlement of Columbus Debt

Macon Debt Settlement

Savannah Debt Settlement is an Atlanta-based debt settlement company.

Athens Debt Settlement

Sandy Springs Debt Settlement

Roswell Debt Settlement

Albany Debt Settlement. (Albany Debt Settlement).

Johns Creek Debt Settlement

These are just a few of the many types of Georgia debts that you can

There are many options to get rid of Georgian debt.
If your unsecured debts are not covered, these are just some of the ways
that you can seek debt relief in Georgia.

1. Pay the minimum monthly amount.

While it might seem like the best way to get rid of debt, this may not be the
best. The longer a loan takes to pay off, the higher the interest rate.

2. 2.

A Debt Management Plan, also known as Credit Counseling, is a form of
debt relief. It requires that you make one monthly payment to a credit
counseling company.

This agency will often offer a lower interest rate so that
you can pay down your debt quicker. Because you pay a lower interest rate,
this will help you save money in the long-term. If your financial situation
permits, however, these programs may still be possible.

3. Debt consolidation is the term used to describe the process for combining

This is a larger, lower-interest loan that is used to consolidate higher interest
unsecured debts. One monthly payment is required.

4. Debt settlement and debt negotiation are viable options in Georgia.

In that you are able to negotiate down the principal amount of your debt,
debt settlement is different than the other options. Because you pay less,
debt settlement is often a faster and cheaper option than debt counseling or

5. Bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is an option for someone who cannot or will not pay their
financial obligations. Any unsecured debt is discharged from the debtor.
Choose the right type for you.

Are you experiencing financial hardship?

Georgian debt can be caused by loss of income, divorce, or medical
problems. These situations can also lead to financial problems for

Contrary to popular belief debt settlement isn’t a free ride for people who
can’t pay their debts.

Are you serious about being debt-free in Georgia?

Your willingness to persevere through difficult times is the key to your debt
settlement success.

Are unsecured credit cards your largest portion of your Georgia debt?

Many types of unsecured loans can be negotiated in Georgia. This type of
unsecured debt is known to offer the best chance for negotiation.

Consolidationnow is the best Debt Consolidation Company for me?

These 14 questions will help you distinguish legitimate companies from
scammers by helping you distinguish between legitimate and fraudulent debt
settlement firms.

Since 1999, Georgians have been debt-free thanks to Consolidationnow. CFLN is a
partner of Consolidationnow. Since 1999, Georgians have been debt-free.

We have extensive experience in Atlanta, Richmond, Augusta and

To find out how much you could save, call us at (800.527-4421.
What makes Consolidationnow different from other Debt Settlement businesses in

There is no upfront fee.

You should never pay fees for debt settlement services until you have settled
your debt.

There is no additional cost.

Georgia’s debt settlement businesses try to avoid the law by charging
additional fees for services like consulting, administration and
signature. They charge only a settlement fee. The fee is not applicable until
the debt is resolved.

An end to end service is one that provides a service from the beginning to

There are a few “debt settlement companies” in Georgia that act as sales
representatives and transfer your account to another company.
This could indicate that financial information may be being shared. This
could be a concern as it suggests that financial information is being shared

Decades worth of knowledge.

After the collapse of the US subprime mortgage market, a number of new
Georgia debt settlement firms were created. We are proud that we have
repaid over $250,000,000 in customer debts.
Start Right Now

Georgia residents may be eligible to receive a free analysis of their debt.

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