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Consolidation of Payday Loans Illinois

ConsolidationNow has provided high-quality assistance to Illinoisans for more than 20 years. They can assist Illinoisans with student loans and credit card debt.

ConsolidationNow also helped thousands of Illinoisans to get out of debt. This non-profit debt relief agency can help you get rid of your debt.

ConsolidationNow was established to assist our clients in developing positive and healthy habits that will help them repay their debts and live debt-free lives. For those who don’t want to become clients, we offer several financial education programs.

We will treat you with dignity and respect. We admire those who manage debts, no matter what their origins. No one will make you feel guilty for having debts. Our goal is to make you debt-free.

A third-party certification provider certifies Consolidationnow’s customer service representatives and credit counselors. This certification allows us to provide the best possible service to our clients to help them live a debt-free life.

Even though most Americans are in deep consumer credit, we recognize that each situation is unique. We listen when you tell us about your financial goals and how we can help get you out of debt.

Our solutions and assistance will not be viewed as a punishment. Instead, we will view them as paths to debt relief.

Pandemic Poses Many Unique Financial Challenges for Illinois Residents

California was severely affected by 2020’s financial consequences of COVID-19.

California saw an increase in unemployment insurance claims in 2020. Even though these changes will have a negative impact on the economy long-term, the consequences of the changes are not known.

Illinois Statistics That Highlight the Need For Personal Debt Relief

2018 was the most visited state for credit cards. The average Illinoisan had $7278 credit card debt. This ranks 24th in all of the states and the District of Columbia. However, Illinoisans have $1809 more credit card debt than Ohioans, who have only $5,400 per month.

The average interest rate for Illinoisans is between 14%-17%. If they had credit card debt, an average Illinoisan would be paying $1,000 to $1200 annually in interest on their credit cards.

Nearly half of Illinoisans do not have an emergency savings account, according to the 2018 FINRA Foundation Financial Capabilities Survey.

Future Crisis: Illinois Housing Trends

Since the Great Recession, Illinois’ housing market has seen a dramatic rise. Good news: Illinois saw a steady increase in home values from 2013-2018. However, it dropped to 1.3% in 2019.

Illinois currently has a negative equity ratio of 80%. They are worth less than what they owe. Illinois’s delinquency rates exceed the national average by nearly 20%

Illinois’s economic problems are also exacerbated by the continued migration of workers in their prime years. Residents in the Land of Lincoln may find themselves in worse financial situations if the economy slows.

Consolidationnow provides programs and services to help you manage your spending, saving, and debt. This applies regardless of Illinois’ future.

How to get Illinois debt help

ConsolidationNow suggests that Illinoisans differentiate between nonprofit credit counseling agencies and debt settlement businesses seeking to help with debt relief.

The Wall Street Journal found that many debt settlement agencies lie about consolidating loans and encouraging clients to negotiate their debt. This could result in higher credit scores and more debt.

Our clients, community members, and those who attended our financial education workshops, or used our debt management program, have placed trust in us.

We are grateful for the appreciation that we get from our employees and the company. The greatest reward is the gratitude of those who are debt-free.

We won’t ask you to call the first company you contact regarding debt management and credit management. You could be our next contact.