Debt Consolidation in New Hampshire


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Debt Relief For New Hampshire Residents

For over twenty years, Consolidationnow has been helping New Hampshire residents to find extraordinary debt relief. This includes when it comes time to repay their credit cards and other unsecured debt. Over that time, we are proud to have developed such wonderful relationships with individuals and organizations.

A nonprofit debt relief agency like Consolidationnow can help you with your debt. There are many great benefits.

We are not your average debt relief agency. We are much more. Every year, Consolidationnow spends hundreds of hours teaching people of all ages the dangers of being in debt and how to build a strong financial foundation. While we take a proactive approach, we can help with any current financial problems.

Our primary goal is to prevent financial discourse through education. This may seem counter-intuitive to some businesses, but our mission to “Everything Revolves Around Ed” is our mission because we believe that everyone can have a better quality of life if their finances are healthy.

The Consolidationnow Credit Counselors have a wealth of experience and are qualified to assist you. They will treat you with compassion, understanding, and care. They will treat you as an individual. Because we know your situation is unique, you will receive the most personalized care when you apply for debt relief through Consolidationnow.

New Hampshire residents face unique financial challenges due to the pandemic

In 2020, the financial consequences of COVID-19’s pandemic had severe economic implications for New Hampshire.

New Hampshire experienced a significant spike in unemployment insurance claims in New Hampshire in the early 2020s after COVID-19 lockdowns were in effect. While the long-term economic effects aren’t known, they will have a lasting effect.

Consolidationnow has created resources for people who have been adversely affected financially by COVID-19.

  • Financial Impact of COVID-19
  • COVID-19 Financial Resources

New Hampshire Statistics that Show The Need For Debt Relief

In 2018, New Hampshire’s average household credit card debt was $6,838. It is worth noting that New Hampshire ranks 35th in the country regarding household credit card debt. If credit card debt is not paid in full each month, it can become expensive and take many years to repay.

New Hampshire residents have nearly the same amount of credit card debt as the national average

An average household in the US owes $6,829 in credit cards debt. New Hampshire residents agree with this number. When you consider the cost of paying off debt over a long period, the average balance is very high.

New Hampshire is experiencing a rising need for personal debt relief, whether student loans in default or delinquent auto & medical bills.

New Hampshire: How to Get Help with Debt

Consolidationnow suggests residents be cautious when searching for financial assistance services. There are many for-profit companies with poor track records. You should not believe every deal you see.

It can be frustrating and tiring to deal with debt. Many people have told us that they regret not researching a company before signing up. However, they quickly got rid of the debt, and, in some cases, it made their situation worse.

It is important to take the time to do your research. You should consider the long-term and short-term consequences. Consider the costs and possible damages to your credit score and personal credit history. It is important to be open and honest about your debt situation.



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