When to Start Thinking About Consolidating My Loans?

You may have needed money in past for things like medical bills, car repairs or education and need to take out a loan. There are many reasons why a person takes out a loan and sometimes it so happens that you get one loan after another. At some point, you could have taken out so many loans that you lose track of them and start falling behind on the repayments. This is not only bad for your budget, it is detrimental to your credit score as well. If this describes your current financial situation, you may want to start looking to consolidate your loans.

  • Debt consolidation loan

Debt consolidation loan
Debt consolidation loan

A debt consolidation loan is a loan you take out with the sole purpose of repaying your previous loan. That way, instead of multiple loans with multiple deadlines and creditors, you would only have a single loan to manage. In most cases, you can even reduce the amount you own through debt consolidation. Debts consolidation loans improve your situation because they make it much easier for you. There is only one payment you have to make a month and it also has a lower interest rate than the previous ones. Consolidation loans also come with many benefits so you should really look into this option.


  • What are the signs you need to consolidate your loans

There is actually no wrong time to consolidate your loans – the sooner you do it, the better. You don’t want to see your complicated financial situation turning from bad to worse, so it is  better to stop it from worsening as soon as possible. Here are some of signs that tell that you should perhaps look to consolidate your loans:

  • Your creditors are contacting you regularly

penalties for late repayments
penalties for late repayments

If you have repaid your loan on time, your creditor wouldn’t have the reason to contact you. However, if you are receiving daily e-mails and phone calls from him, you should look into consolidating your loans. That is not only because creditors can be very persistent when it comes to collecting their money back. In most cases, there are penalties for late repayments. That means you will have to pay more money for being late.

  • There is a garnishment on your wage

A garnishment is a tool your creditors have to get you to repay them. That way, they will directly receive a part of your salary in order to recover their money. In that case, you are left with less disposable income which may force you to take out even more loans to cover your day to day expenses. To avoid that, it is better take out a debt consolidation loan and gain  control of your financial situation.

  • You have been summoned to the court

 last signs that your financial situation has gotten really bad
last signs that your financial situation has gotten really bad

That is one of the last signs that your financial situation has gotten really bad. Whatever you do, don’t ignore that summon. If you don’t show up at the court, your creditor may get a default win. So if you have received a court summon, don’t panic – look into debt consolidation, contact your creditor and you may be able to solve the problem. Creditors would normally do anything to collect their debts so if you make them a reasonable offer, they will be more than happy to take it because court proceedings are expensive and take up a lot of time.

  • Student loan consolidation

Student loan consolidation
Student loan consolidation

Student loans are one of the most popular loans in America and many people have them. A student loan is this huge amount of money that it is very likely you would own for the rest of your life. The problem with student loans is that they never go away, even if you file for bankruptcy it is among couple of things you will still have to pay in full. So in case you don’t want to worry about your student loan and you want to build your future instead, it is high time  for you to look into student loan consolidation.

  • Build good credit  score

Finally, if you still have doubts about whether you should consolidate your current loans, you should consider that debt consolidation loans help you build up good credit history. Because of the fixed interest rates and the reasonable monthly payments, it would be actually really easy for you to make the single monthly payments. That way, you will have a credible history of regular payments which will gradually improve your credit score. A good credit score is something you want to have because it opens many doors for you – from better job options to better offers when applying for loans at the bank.

So take the time to look into consolidating your loans now.

Mike Branson

Author: Mike Branson

Mike is an expert when it comes to bad credit loans and online payday loans. He writes about these financial topics helping others learn more about these loans before applying for one. He plans on launching a new app on bad credit loans in the future.