Panama City Debt Consolidation Lawyers Highlight Recent Student Loan Decision


Panama City, FLA. – This month, a New York federal appeals court said bankrupt private student loans were not immune from discharge. According to local debt consolidation attorneys, several district court judges in the United States (United States) have upheld U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Elizabeth Stong’s ruling that Navient Solutions LLC violated an earlier court order for pay off a borrower’s student loans in a 21-page notice. The main decision shows unprecedented movement in the field of student loans.

A representative for the borrower, George Carpinello, told a reporter that the case was of great importance to people who had considered bankruptcy proceedings but were hesitant because they believed their private loans would not be discharged.

According to the court, the terms used in the provision relating to educational benefits are an unconventional way of referring to a loan. The court explained that if Congress had intended to protect all educational loans from the discharge, it would not have used such stilted language. Similar decisions have been issued by the 5th and 10th U.S. Courts of Appeal regarding private student loans. Navient said in a statement that the appeal concerned only one aspect of the litigation and that he intended to continue to present defenses regarding the other aspects of the litigation.

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