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Payday Loan Consolidation Online

Consolidationnow is an award-winning, national nonprofit consumer credit counseling and relief service that has helped thousands of people become debt-free over the past 25 years. To help you get financial relief, we have established relationships with the nation’s top payday lenders.

From An Award-Winning Payday Loan Help

We can help you break the cycle of payday loan borrowing. You are likely to have multiple payday loans if you are one of the many consumers stuck in the cycle of payday loan borrowing.

Our Payday Loan Consolidation services have one goal: to get you out of debt as quickly and painlessly as possible.

How Payday loan consolidation works

We start by providing a free consultation to review your financial situation. Then, we will discuss your financial situation, including how much you owe and who it is. Also, we will discuss the options available to you for repaying your payday loans.

Also, we’ll talk about ways that payday loans can be avoided to end the stressful and expensive cycle of payday loan debt.

Once we have determined that we can work together with your payday loan lender and sign up for our repayment program, they will contact us and make consolidation arrangements. You will then make one monthly payment via

Through Consolidationnow until you have paid your entire loan amount.

How to get help with your payday loan

Consumers who are caught in payday loans may feel ashamed or embarrassed about their financial woes. Our highly trained counselors will help you prevent the same thing from happening again.

It takes courage and strength to confront such difficult situations head-on. You can be sure that our staff will support you every step of your journey.

You are not alone

We know how debilitating payday loans can make someone feel. This is often a source of financial desperation and comes with high fees for short-term loans.

According to, over 12 million Americans use payday loans each year, and they end up paying over 9 billion dollars back in fees. This is an average of $750 per individual.

You’re not the only one with millions of people borrowing short-term or payday loans.

The End of Borrowing

Consolidationnow doesn’t lend money. We combine consumer debt (in this instance, payday loans) into one monthly payment, which we negotiate with the original lenders. Because you have consolidated your loan with us, you won’t need another loan to pay it off. You effectively stop receiving loans to pay off another loan. You effectively stop receiving loans to pay off another loan.

The Best Payday Loan Consolidation– Plus, There’s More to Offer

Consolidationnow, non-profit consumer credit and debt counseling organization offers various services that can help individuals pay their unsecured debts in a fraction of the time they normally take.

Services for Debt Relief offerings:

Consolidating Payday Loans Freely and Confidentially

We are eager to help you improve your financial situation. Since day one, our mission has been to offer support and peace of mind to anyone dealing with debt-related issues. Because we care, we are good at what they do.

You are also invited to visit the Consolidationnow Academy for free financial resources. These tools will help you to avoid debt and improve your finances in general.