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Same Day Settlement Loans – Cash advances

Cash advances are often sought by people who need them most in emergencies. Sometimes it’s impossible to predict when an emergency might occur or at what time you will be short of funds. Twenty-four hours is not enough time for you to wait for the money that you need.

We have therefore created Same Day Funding. Same-day Funding allows you to access funds quickly, even when you’re on vacation or on weekends. You don’t have to pay any additional fees for the Same Day Funding. We are proud to offer cash advances so quickly, easily, and affordably as no other company.

What’s the secret?

Consolidationnow will grant a cash advance to you if your application is complete and signed.

Are you a credit shopper?

No. There is no credit check.

How do I apply?

To apply for Same Day Financing, call 855-394-2274. Contact us to speak with a member of our friendly team or click on the Apply Now button.

How can you get Same-Day Financing?

  • Consolidationnow can reach at 855-394-2274
  • Consolidationnow will reach out to your attorney to complete your application.
  • Consolidationnow will provide a contract to you and your attorney, if you approve
  • You and your attorney both must sign a contract
  • Consolidationnow sends money

What information is required to submit a request?

  • Contact information
  • Contact information for your attorney
  • Ask for money
  • Name of the previous funding company, if applicable

What documents will I need to submit to my attorney for me to complete my application?

After we receive your application, Consolidationnow will reach out to your attorney. After receiving your application, we will complete it by sending it to:

  • Copie of accident/police reports
  • Name of the insurance carrier. Limits of policy.

Is my application complete?

Your application will be completed once you have received all the required documents from your attorney and any payment information from the previous funding company.

What happens after I have contacted your attorney?

Consolidationnow will take care of the case and send you a contract if approved by you and your attorney.

What time will my money arrive?

We will send your money once we have received the signed contract from you and your attorney. Consolidationnow must receive the completed application and the signed contract by 4:00 PM EST.


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