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  • Make a Single Monthly Payment
  • Interest Rates are Low and Fixed
  • Consolidating Now is Easier and Less confusing

Consolidate Federal Student Loans

Consolidate Federal Student Loans

When you choose to consolidate federal student loans, the government will pay the loan off and replace it with a direct consolidation loan. You are eligible if you are a graduate, have left school or dropped below half time enrollment. Merging your student loans will allow you to focus on a single debt without having to follow up on several small loans. You will be given a new fixed rate that is calculated as a weighted average on the previous prices and rounded up to the next 0.125 %. You will be given a new loan term and based on your ability to repay the loan and you can overcome the debt within a short period. Your repayment period usually starts within 60 days once you begin your consolidation plan.

How To Consolidate Federal Student Debt

How To Consolidate Federal Student Debt

How To Consolidate Federal Student Debt

Once you have logged into the website, choose the loan consolidation tab. Once you have selected loan merging, then choose the type of the loans you would like to consolidate. You can consolidate all your loans or just a few. However, financial experts recommend that you merge all your debts to avoid further complication. When you merge your debt, you will have only a single payment to make.

  • Choose a repayment plan for the new merged credit. You have to research to get details on the loan and avoid any future complication. The standard repayment plans can last from 10 to 30 years. For working individuals, you can choose an income driven repayment plan.
  • When you choose an income driven plan, you will be required to provide more information to access your tax information. You can submit a recent federal tax return form to your loan servicer.
  • Once you have completed the loan request process, submit the form and let us find you a lender to finance your loan repayment.

Advantages of federal student loan consolidation


  • Access to benefits


Advantages of federal student loan consolidation

Advantages of federal student loan consolidation

Only federal loans that use direct loan program will qualify for PAYE or pay as you earn, public loan forgiveness, income-contingent repayment and revised pay as you earn. Consolidating your federal loans is essential in overcoming debt.


  • Avoid debt cycle


Merging federal loan that is in default will restore your ability to repay all your loans. If you are merging your loan for the purpose of recovering from default, then it is recommended that you choose an income driven plan or full monthly payments to avoid complications that are associated with this type of loan.


  • Simplified student debt payments


This is a major benefit for consolidating your debt. Especially if you have multiple federal loans, merging them will make your life easier. Keeping up with numerous loans is quite difficult for many people, however when you consolidate your loans, you will be dealing with only one loan. With the federal direct consolidation loan, you can merge several student loans into one. Conduct thorough research on the loan before signing up for it.

Requirements for Direct Consolidation Loan

Direct Consolidation Loan

Direct Consolidation Loan

You are required to include at least one direct loan that is in repayment period in the consolidation to qualify for a direct consolidation loan. Consolidating federal student loan under the direct consolidation loan program is an avenue to get out of loan default. You should contact your lender on the requirements on the loan. In essence, the common requirements for the loan are that you have been repaying several loans and need to merge many student loans into one. Debt management is a challenging aspect to many people and you should look into loan consolidation programs to merge all your loans into one.


  • Interest rate


This is the most crucial aspect that you should consider when you want to merge your loans. Federal loans should have a fixed interest rate, the rate is based on weighted average. When you want to consolidate your federal loans, talk to your lender to find the right loan plan to clear your debts. Dealing with a fixed interest rate is easier than a variable interest rate.


  • Repayment


With direct consolidation loan, the repayment period starts immediately after the payment is due once your lender disburses your loan to your checking account or pay the loans. You are required to make monthly payments on the current loan. Servicing one loan is easier than dealing with multiple loans that are usually difficult to manage.


  • Term




The repayment term of the loan is important because it will determine the time that you will be in debt. A shorter repayment term may mean a higher interest rate. In most cases, you are required to repay a fixed amount on a monthly basis.

  1. If you are considering making prepayments, then you should consult your lender on the best way to deal with such a situation. This way you will avoid any complications that may arise in future. Repaying a loan on time increases your credit worthiness because your lender will see you as a trustworthy person.
  2. It is essential that you use the services of an experienced lender. When dealing with federal loans, there could be challenges here and there. However with a lender who understands the loan requirements, you can clear the loan with ease. We work with lenders who have been in this industry for a long time. Your lender will offer you a customized plan to deal with your loan.
  3. We have an experienced customer support team who will guide you through the loan request process and you can ask questions that you may have about the loan. Moreover, you can look at the frequently asked questions section for further guidance on how to make the loan request. We would like you to overcome debt and that is why we encourage responsible lending habits.

In summary, if you want to consolidate federal student loans, we will guide you through the process. We have lenders in our network who will finance your loan plan. The main aspects to look at when choosing a loan consolidation plan include term, interest rate and the fees related to the loan. Improve your finances by repaying the loan on time. Dealing with numerous loans can be time consuming as well as a waste of resources. However, when you merge your loans, you will have one loan to repay.


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