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Important – READ THESE TERMS and CONDITIONS OF USE carefully before accessing or using this website, registering to Services, including the Text ProgRAM, PURCHASING products, DOWNLOADING SOFTWARE, TECHNOLOGY CONTENT, DATA or OTHERWISE using the SERVICES OR

This agreement regulates any disagreement between you and us. Unless you opt-out as set out below, the Arbitration Agreement shall:


  • You will be denied the right to a trial by jury as well as


Utilizing the Technology, you (a) affirm that you’re at minimum 18 years of age and have the legal authority to be a representative of any individual or entity, (b) have read this Agreement and accept to be bound by its terms and © legally) acknowledge that you have read and agree to all of’s policies and operating rules.

Right in Intellectual property (IP)

It is believed that the technology (including this website) is operated and owned through and its licensors and is protected under copyright and other rights to intellectual property by US and international laws and treaties Copyright 2013 – 2020 The intellectual property rights of all parties are not affected. All data, content, and other information contained in Technology Technology is controlled and owned through along with its respective licensors and is protected under the U.S. and international intellectual property laws. and its licenses control their own “look and feel” of the Technology that refers to the arrangement, sequence, and arrangement of audiovisual components of the technology as seen by you. However, this includes not limited to buttons, color combinations, and all other graphic and navigational elements. It is protected by the US as well as international laws on intellectual property.


The trademarks and logos that appear in Technology are owned by Technology and are the property of and its licensors and affiliates. Nothing contained in this Agreement is intended to be understood as giving you or any third entity any of these rights.


You will protect and not share any Confidential Information from either directly or directly, at any time during the period of this agreement as well as afterward, and you are not permitted to use any Confidential Information provided by to benefit you or any other person or company. “Confidential information” refers to submissions such as trade secrets, proprietary or confidential information that is exclusive and confidential or exclusive or proprietary to and its licensees and comprises, but isn’t restricted to all components in the Technology as well as any other information or material that are related to’s business or its activities whether digital, written, oral or in any other form and encompasses, but is not restricted to, all components in Technology, as well as any other Technology or any other information or materials.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act has been released as a public notice.

As required by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, has appointed the individual named below as its agent to take on complaints of suspected copyright or intellectual property violations on this website. is a firm believer in respecting the intellectual property rights of others and asks that its visitors do the same too. Send the following information in writing to’s Copyright Agent (the “Copyright Notice”) If you believe that your work has duplicated in any manner that is a violation of your rights or the rights of your intellectual property were violated in any other manner: (a) an electronic or physical signature of the individual authorized to sign on behalf of an owner of the copyright, or any other intellectual property right; (b) a description of the copyrighted material and other intellectual property you believe has been violated; (c) a description of the place where the content you believe has been violated is located within the Technology. (d) your address, phone number, or email address (e) an explanation of your copyrighted piece Technology in Action gives you an exclusive right and license to use, view, and browse the Technology only for watching, printing, or downloading images, text pictures, graphics and audio, videos, and other materials available in the Technology subject to the conditions and terms set out in this agreement and any other restrictions of third parties. holds all rights that are not specifically stipulated in this document and disclaims any implied licenses. You agree that you will not reverse engineer decompile, reverse compile and translate, adapt or disassemble Technology, or any portion thereof; (ii) copy, display, distribute or transmit it in any form, including but not limited to: (i) copy, distribute, display Technology, or any part thereof in any manner, including without limitation icons, fonts, and link buttons, wallpapers or any non-licensed

You agree not to use any other means than the interface offered by to connect to Technology.

In the event of posting information or other material on this website and within Technology or making the materials available to download, is not releasing any of its rights as a proprietary owner in or with its Technology (including not, but not only to copyright, service mark trademark patent, trade secrets or any other proprietary or intellectual property rights).


All ideas, comments, suggestions, graphics, personally identifiable information, or other data you submit to via’s technology (“Submission”) will become the exclusive and sole right of They can be utilized by regardless of the reason, not limited to the development manufacturing, marketing, or other products. When you submit the Submission, You waive any claims to or any of its parents, subsidiaries, employees, affiliates and agents, directors, officers, shareholders, and directors in connection with the Submission and its contents, including but not including, but not limited to unfair competition, infringement of privacy negligence or breach of an implied contract and breach of confidentiality in addition to any moral rights that you have. You are at this moment granting to all rights as well as title and interest in and about your Submission, without making you pay any further amount of money, provided that does not take complete control of the Submission. To give all the rights, titles, and interests on Your Submission, you accept signing any documents and doing whatever else will reasonably request. You also irrevocably name and name and its authorized agents and officers as your attorney and agent in actuality, and with interest to act for and on behalf of it to sign, confirm and file any document, and to perform any other legally authorized acts that further the goals of the previous phrases concerning the Submission’s ownership as

You warrant and represent that the Submissions you submit are: (a) authentic, correct and current and are not misleading; (b) do not violate any rights of third parties, which includes but is not restricted to intellectual property rights and rights to proprietary information; (c) are not fraudulent or contain stolen or counterfeit items or data; (d) do not infringe any law, statute or ordinance or ordinance; and (e) do not infringe any law or regulation. You also agree to make use of Technology to use Technology to keep track of and promptly make changes to your Submissions to stay up-to-date, accurate, up-to-date, and complete.

Disclaimer of Participation cannot and will not examine all submissions submitted to or from users using this Website or the Technology (including but not limited to this Website) and is not accountable to the contents of such messages or the conduct of their users. You understand that acts as a passive channel for disseminating this information through the ability to view and share user-generated content using the Technology (including but not limited to this website) and that is not responsible or responsible for the content or actions of users. can monitor and analyze messages. However, we are not responsible or obligated for any claims arising in connection with their material, which includes but not including libel, defamation, or slander, as well as infringement of privacy profanity, obscenity, or false representation. has the discretion in its sole discretion to refuse or delete messages, postings, or any other content it determines that are (a) indecent, offensive or offensive, (b) fraudulent, fraudulent or false, (c) infringing on other’s copyright, trademarks or patent or other intellectual rights of property or (d) in any way offensive or not acceptable to

Harassment in any way or medium, including email, online blogs (“blog”) or comments or submissions, chat, or the use of profane or abusive language, is not permitted on this Website and when making use of or using the Technology. It is not permitted to impersonate anyone or any representative or employee and any other visitors or members of this Website or use the Technology. On this Website, or through its technology, you are prohibited from never upload, share, or transmit or publicly display any material that is damaging, defamatory, libelous or obscene, infuriating or harassing, infringing on the rights of privacy and publicity, indecent or hateful, or racially or ethnically injurious; or that could constitute or encourage a crime,

You must not: make use of the Technology to harm minors in any way; (ii) forge headers or other methods to conceal the origin of any information transmitted using Technology; (iii) forge headers or otherwise alter Technology; (iii) upload, post, or email or transmit, or provide any material that you don’t have the right to provide under any law or in any fiduciary or contractual relationship; (iv) use Technology to collect data concerning minors. (

Your Consent to the Electronic Delivery Policy and Your Consent

You consent to receive the communications of electronically, including notices, agreements, legally required disclosures, and any other documents or information associated with Technology. Technology (collectively, “Notices”) via Technology. Technology, by our Electronic Delivery Policy. reserves the right to display electronic notices on its Website at any time at its discretion. If you want not to receive electronic Notices, you must not use the Website and Technology.

Warranties are not valid

You are doing so on your responsibility when using and utilizing Technology. Technology. Technology is provided “as-is” and “as available.” Technology is offered “as is” and “as accessible” for your use. To the maximum extent permitted within the law, disclaims all warranties (whether explicit, implied, or statutory) which include, but are not limited to implied guarantees of title or merchantability, data accuracy, and system integration, as well as fitness for a particular reason, non-infringement and any other warranties arising from the Uniform Commercial Code, usage of trade, or courses of commerce.

Without limiting this, makes no representation or guarantee that (a) Technology will be secure, timely, or uninterrupted. Technology will be uninterrupted, reliable, safe, and error-free. (b) imperfections in Technology will be corrected, (c) the Technology or the servers running Technology Technology will be free of harmful viruses or components or components (d) the results, data and other information gathered through Technology will be accurate, (c) any results or data obtained through Technology will be accurate. is further free of all liability or responsibility for any mistakes or omissions that may be found in Technology’s information. Technology content could be outdated or incorrect or inaccurate, and expressly disclaims any responsibility to keep the data up-to-date.

If you download or get anything through the Technology, it is your responsibility and at your discretion. You are responsible for all the consequences for any harm to your system or data due to downloading any of these materials that include but are not limited to viruses.

You acknowledge and agree on the fact that cannot be held responsible for or liable for any unauthorized access or modification of your Submissions, (ii) the Submissions that you have that is submitted or received or not received or received, as well as (iii) any Submission that is stored within storage systems. You acknowledge that is not accountable for any Submissions submitted by third parties or conduct, which includes and is not limited to any content that is sent or included in the technology by anyone else using this website or any of’s third-party suppliers or licensors.

The following limitations could not apply to you since certain states do not allow warranties with limitations or exclusions. If a court with competent jurisdiction determines that any of the provisions in this Section are inapplicable, all express warranties, implied, or legal warranties will be restricted to three (30) days from the date you first connect to the Technology. No warranties will be applicable following that time.

Limitation of Liability

NEITHER NOR ITS SUPPLIERS ARE LIABLE FOR ANY INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, DIRECT, INDIRECT, PUNITIVE, OR OTHER DAMAGES. WE WILL NOT CONTACT ANY CONSUMER CREDIT REPORTING AGENCY TO DISPUTE YOUR CREDIT REPORT. A credit reporting agency, or anybody who has extended credit to you or to whom you have applied for credit, is prohibited from making false or misleading statements about your creditworthiness, credit standing, or credit capacity.

Certain states prohibit the exclusion of LIABILITY for consequential damages. Therefore the above LIMITATIONS may not apply to the person in all cases. Technology Access is a service offered by

You are accountable for gaining access to Technology, as well as the equipment required for access to it. Technology, and you accept that accessing the technology can result in third-party fees (such as airtime or internet service provider charges). All costs related to accessing the Technology are your responsibility and include but are not limited to phone equipment, airtime, and internet service provider charges.

Your Responsibility and Passwords

You may need to sign up as a member of certain websites or services of Technology. Technology and select a unique username and password to log into your account and use any of the services offered by Technology. As a registered member, you are accountable for the security and confidentiality of your password and username and all usages of your username and password, which includes not only any transactions that are enabled by you using your password and username, regardless of whether you granted them. If there’s a security incident like unauthorized use of your password or log in, you agree to inform by writing as quickly as possible. It is also understood the importance of “logging out” accounts after each session increases the security of your account, and not doing so could permit anyone who has access to your system to access the account or alter it. You are accountable for any actions and transactions performed by the person, including those you might never have authorized if you permit someone else to access your password and log in.

Security is a system that can be accessed via the internet. employs commercially reasonable security methods to protect the security and confidentiality of all communications sent to and any data saved within servers. Despite these measures, cannot guarantee the security or confidentiality of any electronic communication or storage devices that keep such data (including personal information) and is not responsible for any liability related to such communications and storage devices.

Without limiting the preceding this, you are not to: (a) violate or attempt to breach or any other entity’s security; (b) access data or information that is not intended for your use; (c) login to or access an account or server which you are not authorized for accessing; (d) attempt to examine, scan or test the vulnerability of a computer or network, or attempt to break the security measures or authenticator’s protections; (e) upload, download, or offer any content that isn’t intended to be used by you to access; (f) (i.e. (i.e., activities designed to impede access to networks by flooding a web site and the Internet with unnecessary traffic).

Any violation of network or system security can cause criminal or legal consequences. can investigate incidents that could include these security breaches and work with law enforcement agencies to prosecute users that may have committed these crimes.


You are permitted to use the Technology for legitimate reasons and only in compliance with the following conditions and terms. All applicable local and state laws and national and international laws and regulations, statutes, rules regulations, and other regulations apply to your use of technology and to your submission, which means that you must abide by the rules at all times.


You agree to keep Ip, and its agents, affiliates suppliers, vendors, and licensors as well as their officers, directors,and and employees in complete indemnity from and against any costs, losses as well as costs, including as well as reasonable attorney’s costs, that result of (a) any breach of the conditions and terms, (b) any activity connected with your account. This clause does not apply to actions or claims filed pursuant to 11 U.S.C. 111(g) in the United States Bankruptcy Code. (2).

The disclaimer on this blog

Blog entries, quotes, and other editorial content on the Website are made available “as it is” without any representations or warranties. The opinions expressed by the authors in their blog posts are entirely their own and are not necessarily the views of or its affiliates.


You acknowledge that can terminate or suspend your access as well as the use of Technology (or any part thereof) at any time for any reason, including but not without exclusion the case where believes that you have violated or behaved in a way that is inconsistent in accordance with the conditions and terms. reserves the right at any point with or without prior notice to change or end your access to or use technology (or any component of it). You agree that if you use or have accessibility to Technology is altered, suspended, or ended, will not be responsible to you or anyone else. Your obligations in this Agreement will not cease after has ended or canceled this Agreement or your access to Technology.

Application of Materials does not warrant that the information provided via Technology Technology is suitable or appropriate for use in other jurisdictions beyond the United States of America, and this Website is managed within the State of Florida, United States of America. Be aware that if you utilize the Technology (including, but not limited to our website) from outside of the United States, you are solely responsible for complying with the applicable laws. If local laws prevent users from using or accessing Technology or accessing it from outside the United States of America Technology, you are not permitted to use it.

Personal Information Protection Policy

We are grateful for your concerns regarding the way your personal information on the internet can be used. has a Privacy Policy that outlines the types of information gathers on you and how uses it as well as how secures it, how you can access and modify the information, and how you can access and modify the information the ways to opt-out of having this information gathered or used. The site’s Privacy Policy is available here and is incorporated in the form of a reference. Please refer to the Privacy Policy for more information.


In the absence of the conflict of laws or the application for any conflict of laws considerations or the applicability of Uniform Computer Information Transaction Act or the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods and other laws, the law that applies to Florida, the State of Florida shall govern and interpret the terms of this Agreement in every respect. You agree that regardless of any law or statute to contrary or any other law, any claim or cause of action that arises out of or relating to the use of the Technology, and purchases of services or products via Technology, Technology, must be filed within one (1) year from the date that the reason or claim became apparent or will be forever barred. You waive any other statute of limitations that may apply. You accept the sole authority of the court of the State of Florida or the United States District Court for the State of Florida in the case of any action, dispute, or proceeding that arises out of the terms of this Agreement or your use or inability use of our Website. You irrevocably release your rights to a trial by jury in any dispute or proceeding.

Priorities in ascending order

This Agreement governs the use and access of Technology. Technology. This Agreement will not alter any other agreement, nor does it alter or amend any other agreement you’ve signed or are expected to sign with Suppose any of the terms of this Agreement or any additional agreement is included as part of the registration process for additional services available on this website or in Technology, Technology. In that case, conflicts with any other agreements you have with The provisions and terms of the respective agreement will prevail instead of the conditions and terms contained within this Agreement.

Links to other websites

The Technology may contain links to other websites that are owned of or controlled by a third party (collectively, “Third Party Sites”) (non-affiliates of is not accountable for the accuracy, content, or views posted on Third Party Sites, and does not research the content, monitor, or confirm the authenticity or completeness of the Third-Party Sites. expressly disclaims any responsibility in connection with any data, material, or products published or offered on any Third-Party Website. is not a partner or recommend any of the products or services or the information available to the Third Party Sites, and is not responsible for any loss or failure of products or services offered or advertised on these websites because of an association with these sites. The websites of third parties may have different privacy policies than and could offer less security.

Consents and revisions reserves the right to change the conditions and terms contained in the Agreement at any time and without reason. also reserves the right to modify any products, information, or services available via or on this website or through the Technologies at any point and without notification or obligation (including the posting of such changes to this website). Updates, revisions, and supplements changes, additions, and other rules and policies, as well as terms and conditions, will be effective immediately and are incorporated into this Agreement after notice. A notice could be made reasonably, such as, however, not only posting the changes on this Website or by electronic notification as mentioned previously. If you continue to access this website or Technology, you acknowledge and accept any changes. Therefore it is recommended that you go through this Agreement’s conditions and terms regularly.


Agreement on Individual Arbitration. INDIVIDUAL Arbitration WAIVER FOR INDIVIDUAL ARBITRATION, unless as specifically provided in the following you agree to resolve any dispute or case or controversy (whether it is based on tort law, contract, statute regulation or ordinance, equity, as well as any legal concept) resultant from or related to past or present actions or actions or omissions (“Claims”) with (arising from or related to past or future actions or mistakes) (“Claims”) or any other legal theory) will be exclusively resolved through the binding arbitral process on an individual basis.

Class Action Litigation Waiver. You and the person In Charge agree to file claims in arbitration solely in our capacity and not as a representative or a member of any class. We do not agree to participate in any representative arbitration, such as classes or collective arbitration, mass and the private attorney general, or others. The parties acknowledge that arbitrators do not have the power to arbitrate claims on a group-wide basis. The arbitrator cannot combine, join, or arbitrate the claims of some individuals in one arbitration jointly.

The right to a trial by jury has been abandoned. Each party waives their constitutional and statutory right to a trial before a jury or judge and opts instead to arbitrate in a binding manner to settle any Claims.

Small claims aren’t suitable to be arbitrated. Individual shares can be brought in small claims court to anyone.

The Arbitration Procedures. Any person can begin an arbitration process that will be administered by a single arbitrator impartial.

JAMS, Inc. (“JAMS”) or any successor to JAMS that is an alternate dispute resolution service (“ADR Provider”) and will act as the arbitrator of the parties. The parties may choose for the arbitral proceedings to be conducted by a different mutually acceptable arbitration administration company if JAMS cannot or refuses to schedule a hearing within 14 (14) days from the date of filing a “Demand for Arbitration. ”

The procedure to be followed for Arbitration. This arbitration is controlled by the JAMS Streamlined Arbitration Rules and Procedures (available on (“Arbitration Rules”). If the rules of the ADR Provider do not conflict with the Arbitration Agreement, The ADR Provider’s rules shall govern every aspect that is a part of the arbitration.

The location where the arbitration will be held. A hearing in person will take place within Orlando, FL, Minneapolis, MN, Chicago, IL, New York City, NY, Los Angeles, CA, Atlanta, GA, and Dallas, TX (whichever is the closest to your home) if the claimant’s primary residence lives outside of within the United States (in which case the arbitrator must give the parties adequate information about the time, date and location of any proceedings ).

Fees. The payment of all filing, administrative and arbitration costs are governed by arbitration rules. Arbitration Rules.

The authority of the arbitrator and the decision of the arbitrator. The arbitrator will determine the right and obligations when they exist, and the case cannot be joined or combined with any other case or parties. The arbitrator can grant motions to dismiss any or all of a claim. In accordance with applicable law and the ADR Provider’s rules and this Arbitration Agreement, the arbitrator is empowered to do monetary damages in addition to any other remedy that is not monetary or relief an individual is entitled to. The arbitrator issues an award in writing and a reasoned report of the main findings and conclusions along with the amount of damages given. The arbitrator is given the same authority to offer an individual remedy as judges in courts of law. The judge must approve any award or must be recorded by an appropriate court.

The law governs. It is the law that governs. Arbitration Agreement is subject to federal law, the Federal Arbitration Act, and federal arbitration law.

Confidentiality. The entire arbitration process and the arbitrator’s ruling and its adherence to it will remain completely private. The parties agree to keep confidentiality unless they are required to by law. This clause does not prohibit the other party from providing details necessary to apply the terms of this Arbitration Agreement or to support an arbitration decision before any tribunal of law.

Specifications in General

Suppose any portion or portion of the Agreement is found to be invalid, unlawful, or unenforceable. In that case, this portion will be considered inapplicable and not alter the legality or enforceability of the remaining clauses. If any of the Agreement’s terms and conditions are found to be invalid, You accept that the remaining terms and conditions will remain in full force and force.

Any failure of to insist upon or insist on complete compliance with any portion of the terms and conditions shall not be taken as the waiver of any other term, provision, or right mentioned in this Agreement. The parties’ behavior or trade practice cannot be used to change or alter any terms or requirements of this Agreement. reserves the right at any time and without notice to you to assign its rights or obligations in accordance with the terms of this Agreement to any third party. You are not able to sell the terms of this Agreement as well as the rights granted in this Agreement to any person other than or a third party without’s prior written approval. The headings contained in this Agreement are intended for your convenience only and do not have any legal or contractual value.

Absolute and complete agreement

This Agreement governs your access and use of Technology and supersedes any previous agreement that you have with about the subject matter addressed in the Agreement. Any other agreement you sign with due to the registration process may be modified with this Agreement.

It is suggested that this document be printed. suggests printing this Agreement and the documents ancillary to it listed below for your records.


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